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Isolation HauntNE haunt
Bloody Handprints1/4NE haunt
Scratching Behind the Wall1/2CE haunt
Cold Spot1NE haunt
Rapping Spirit1Alignment varies persistent haunt
Spectral Screams2NE haunt
Demanding Dead3Alignment varies persistent haunt
Foreboding Mist3NE persistent haunt
Buried Alive4NE persistent haunt
Following Footsteps4CN variant haunt
Belated Arrival5N chained haunt
Bleeding Walls5CE haunt
Spectral Vermin5CE free-roaming persistent vaporous haunt
Arcane Storm6N persistent variant haunt
Death of Curchanus6CE persistent variant haunt
Unsolved Murder6NE latent persistent possessing haunt
Betrayal7CE persistent haunt
Drought's End7N persistent variant haunt
Malignant Weapon7LE persistent item-bound haunt
Dimensional Tear8N persistent variant haunt
Robotic Reactivation8N chained persistent variant haunt
Watery Grave8CE chained free-roaming persistent haunt
Devouring Maws9CE persistent haunt
Insidious Presence9NE possessing persistent spiteful haunt
Network of Lasers9N persistent variant haunt
Shifting Seasons9CN persistent variant haunt
Enchanting Demise10CN persistent variant haunt
Living Decay10NE persistent haunt
Maddening Influence10CE free-roaming persistent variant haunt
Psychic Echo (Anger)10N persistent variant haunt
Servants of the Book10NE haunt
Eternal Pyre11CE chained fast free-roaming persistent spiteful tenacious haunt
Spawn of the Abyss11CE persistent vaporous variant haunt
Breach to the Quickening12CN persistent variant haunt
Dissolving Vat12CE fast persistent haunt
Heart Explosion13CE fast persistent haunt
Crushing Terror14NE persistent haunt
Final Soldier15NE belligerent chained fast persistent tenacious vaporous haunt
Fallen from the Sky16NE fast increased area persistent unyielding haunt
Haunted Dungeon17CE belligerent elusive free-roaming increased area persistent tenacious haunt
Flayed Suicide18NE belligerent persistent unyielding haunt
Soul Vortex19NE belligerent fast persistent unyielding haunt
Twisted Wish20LE belligerent free-roaming unyielding haunt