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Source Horror Adventures pg. 186, GameMastery Guide pg. 250
Type greater madness; Save DC 22
Onset immediate
Effect –4 penalty on Will saving throws and skill checks, and loss of memory (see below)
Dormancy Effect Unlike other madnesses, the normal effect and the dormancy effect of amnesia are the same.


A character suffering from amnesia cannot remember things; his name, skills, and past are all equal mysteries. While the character can build new memories, he has trouble accessing those gained before he contracted amnesia. While a character with amnesia can still speak and read any languages he knows, and doesn’t lose the most basic of skills needed to care for himself and interact within society, he cannot remember anything substantial about his past.

A character with this affliction loses all class abilities, feats, and skill ranks gained before contracting amnesia. He retains his base attack bonus, saving throws bonuses (though he takes a –4 penalty on Will saves), CMB, CMD, total XP, Hit Dice, and hit points. If a character gains a character level while suffering from amnesia, he can use any abilities gained via that class level normally. If the class level he gained was of a class in which he already had levels, he initially gains the abilities of a 1st-level character of that class, even though he is technically of a higher level in that class, and then progresses from there. When the amnesia is cured, the character regains the full abilities of the class; recalculate his level based on his total XP.