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Light Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Aklys5 gp1d41d6x220 ft.2 lbs.Bperformance, trip
Axe-gauntlet, dwarven light16 gp1d41d6x35 lbs.Sblocking, disarm
Barbazu beard25 gp1d31d4x25 lbs.S
Battle poi5 gp1d3 fire1d4 firex22 lbs.fire
Bich'hwa5 gp1d31d419-20/x22 lbs.P or Smonk
Butterfly knife5 gp1d31d419-20/x21 lb.P or S
Dan bong1 sp1d21d319-20/x210 ft.Bblocking, monk, see text
Deer horn knife10 gp1d31d4x320 ft.3 lbs.Pblocking, monk
Dwarven maulaxe25 gp1d41d6x310 ft.5 lbs.B or S
Elven leafblade40 gp1d31d418-20/x23 lbs.P or Ssee text
Emei piercer3 gp1d21d319-20/x2Psee text
Fighting fan5 gp1d31d4x3Pdistracting, monk
Flying talon15 gp1d31d4x25 lbs.P or Sdisarm, reach, trip, see text
Gnome pincher10 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Bdisarm, see text
Halfling rope-shot1 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Bdisarm
Helmet, dwarven boulder20 gp1d31d4x210 lbs.Bsee text
Kama2 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Smonk, trip
Kasatha spinal sword50 gp1d41d6x33 lbs.P or Sfragile
Katar, tri-bladed6 gp1d31d4x42 lbs.P
Knuckle axe9 gp1d41d6x32 lbs.Smonk, performance
Madu (leather/steel)40 gp/50 gp1d31d4x25 lbs./6 lbs.Pperformance
Nunchaku2 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Bdisarm, monk
Pata14 gp1d41d6x33 lbs.Pperformance
Quadrens8 gp1d41d619-20/x22 lbs.Pperformance
Razor, drow25 gp1d31d418-20/x22 lbs.Ssee text
Rope gauntlet2 sp1d31d4x22 lbs.B (or S)
Sai1 gp1d31d4x21 lb.Bdisarm, monk
Sanpkhang60 gp1d31d419-20/x21 lb.P or Smonk, see text
Scorpion whip5 gp1d31d4x23 lbs.Sperformance
Siangham3 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Pmonk
Sica10 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Sperformance
Swordbreaker dagger10 gp1d31d4x23 lbs.Sdisarm, see text
Tekko-kagi2 gp1d21d3x2Pdisarm, see text
Thorn bracer30 gp1d41d6x23 lbs.P
Wakizashi35 gp1d41d618-20/x22 lbs.P or Sdeadly
War-shield, dwarven50 gp1d41d6x28 lbs.P or Ssee text
Waveblade5 gp1d41d618-20/x22 lbs.P or Smonk, see text

One-Handed Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Aldori dueling sword20 gp1d61d819-20/x23 lbs.S
Axe-gauntlet, dwarven heavy21 gp1d61d8x35 lbs.Sblocking, disarm
Bastard sword35 gp1d81d1019-20/x26 lbs.S
Broken-back seax40 gp1d81d1019-20/x24 lbsP & SSee text
Doru4 gp1d61d8x320 ft.6 lbs.Pbrace
Dwarven double waraxe60 gp1d81d10x312 lbs.Ssee text
Dwarven waraxe30 gp1d81d10x38 lbs.S
Elven thornblade60 gp1d41d618-20/x24 lbs.P or Ssee text
Estoc50 gp2d32d418-20/x24 lbs.P
Falcata18 gp1d61d819-20/x34 lbs.S
Flindbar9 gp1d61d8x26 lbs.B and Pdisarm, trip
Gnome flick-mace20 gp1d61d8x210 lbs.Breach, trip
Great terbutje12 gp1d81d1019-20/x24 lbs.Sfragile
Hooked axe20 gp1d61d8x37 lbs.Sdisarm, performance, trip
Katana50 gp1d61d818-20/x26 lbs.Sdeadly
Khopesh20 gp1d61d819-20/x28 lbs.Strip
Knobkerrie5 gp1d41d6x220 ft.4 lbs.Bsee text
Nine-section whip8 gp1d61d819-20/x23 lbs.Bblocking, distracting, monk, trip
Ram hammer, dwarven25 gp1d61d8x310 ft.5 lbs.B
Rhoka sword25 gp1d61d818-20/x26 lbs.S
Sawtooth sabre35 gp1d61d819-20/x22 lb.Ssee text
Shotel30 gp1d61d8x33 lbs.Pperformance
Sickle-sword20 gp1d61d819-20/x24 lbs.Sdistracting, see text
Spiral rapier80 gp1d41d618-20/x23 lbs.Pblocking, disarm, see text
Split-blade sword200 gp1d102d6x28 lbsSDisarm, trip, see text
Taiaha10 gp1d8/1d41d10/1d6x2/x38 lbs.B or Pdouble
Temple sword30 gp1d61d819-20/x23 lbs.Smonk, trip
Tongi18 gp1d41d619-20/x34 lbs.P
Urumi30 gp1d61d818-20/x26 lbs.Sdistracting
Wahaika3 gp1d41d6x210 ft.3 lbs.Bdisarm
Whip1 gp1d21d3x22 lbs.Sdisarm, nonlethal, reach, trip

Two-Handed Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Barbed spear15 gp1d41d6x210 lbs.Pfragile, reach, see text
Battle ladder, gnome20 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x28 lbs.Bdouble, trip, see text
Bladed scarf12 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Sdisarm, trip
Bo staff1 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x23 lbs.Bblocking, double, monk
Boarding gaff8 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x28 lbs.P or Sdouble, reach, trip
Butchering axe65 gp1d123d6x325 lbs.Ssee text
Chain spear15 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x213 lbs.P and Sdouble, trip
Chain-hammer34 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x220 ft.8 lbs.Bdouble, see text
Crook1 gp1d41d6x25 lbs.Breach, trip
Dire flail90 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d8x210 lbs.Bdisarm, double, trip
Dorn-dergar, dwarven50 gp1d81d10x215 lbs.Breach, see text
Double spear25 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d8x312 lbs.PDouble
Double-chained kama8 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x24 lbs.Sdouble, monk, reach, trip
Dwarven urgrosh50 gp1d6/1d41d8/1d6x312 lbs.P or Sbrace, double
Elven branched spear20 gp1d61d8x310 lbs.Pbrace, reach
Elven curve blade80 gp1d81d1018-20/x27 lbs.S
Fauchard14 gp1d81d1018-20/x210 lbs.Sreach,trip
Flailpole15 gp1d61d8x210 lbs.Bdisarm, reach, trip
Flambard50 gp1d81d1019-20/x26 lbs.Ssunder
Flask pike30 gp1d61d8x39 lbs.Preach, see text
Flying blade40 gp1d101d12x312 lbs.Sperformance, reach
Garrote3 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Sgrapple, see text
Giant-sticker, dwarven25 gp1d82d6x312 lbs.P or Sbrace, reach
Gnome hooked hammer20 gp1d6/1d41d8/1d6x3/x46 lbs.B or Pdouble, trip
Harpoon5 gp1d61d8x310 ft.16 lbs.Pgrapple, see text
Injection spear60 gp1d61d8x38 lbs.P
Katana, double walking stick50 gp1d41d619-20/x26 lbs.S
Kusarigama12 gp1d2/1d41d3/1d6x23 lbs.S or Bdouble, grapple, monk, reach, trip
Kyoketsu shoge6 gp1d31d4x220 ft.1 lb.S or Pdisarm, grapple, monk, reach
Longaxe, dwarven50 gp1d101d12x314 lbs.Sreach
Longhammer, dwarven70 gp1d102d6x320 lbs.Breach
Mancatcher15 gp11d210 lbs.Preach, see text
Meteor hammer10 gp1d61d8x210 lbs.Breach, trip
Orc double axe60 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d8x315 lbs.Sdouble
Orc skull ram15 gp1d81d10x320 lbs.Breach
Piston maul, gnome70 gp1d81d10x215 lbs.Bsee text
Ripsaw glaive, gnome30 gp1d81d10x312 lbs.Sreach, see text
Seven-branched sword50 gp1d81d10x37 lbs.Sdisarm, monk
Sphinx hammer, dwarven45 gp1d81d10x320 ft.8 lbs.B
Spiked chain25 gp1d62d4x210 lbs.Pdisarm, trip
Switchscythe18 gp1d62d4x410 lbs.P or Strip
Tetsubo20 gp1d81d10x410 lbs.B
Totem spear25 gp1d81d10x310 ft.6 lbs.P or B
Two-bladed sword100 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d819-20/x210 lbs.Sdouble

Ranged Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Bolas5 gp1d31d4x210 ft.2 lbs.Bnonlethal, trip
Boomerang3 gp1d41d6x230 ft.3 lbs.Bsee text
Crystal chakram20 gp1d41d618-20/x22 lbs.S
Dire bolas20 gp1d41d6x210 ft.4 lbs.Bnonlethal, trip
Double crossbow300 gp1d61d819-20/x280 ft.18 lbs.Psee text
Flask thrower25 gp20 ft.4 lbs.see text
Grappling hook6 gp1d41d6x210 ft.14 lbs.Pgrapple
Halfling double sling10 gp1d31d4x250 ft.1 lb.Bdouble (see text)
Halfling sling staff20 gp1d61d8x380 ft.3 lbs.B
Halfling stitched sling1d41d6x21 lb.Bdisarm, trip
Hand crossbow100 gp1d31d419-20/x230 ft.2 lbs.P
Heavy crank crossbow400 gp1d81d1019-20/x2120 ft.12 lbs.P
Heavy slaver's crossbow400 gp1d61d819-20/see "bolas bolts" text80 ft.12 lbs.Bnonlethal, trip, see text
Heavy wrist launcher250 gp1d31d419-20/x230 ft.2 lbs.P
Hornbow, orc130 gp1d82d6x380 ft.7 lbs.P
Horse bow150 gp1d61d8x3110 ft.3 lbs.P
Kestros1 gp1d61d8x350 ft.1 lb.P
Lasso1 sp5 lbs.see text
Launching crossbow75 gp30 ft.8 lbs.
Light crank crossbow250 gp1d61d819-20/x280 ft.6 lbs.P
Light slaver's crossbow250 gp1d31d419-20/see "bolas bolts" text40 ft.6 lbs.Bnonlethal, trip, see text
Net20 gp10 ft.6 lbs.see text
Pelletbow, dwarven heavy75 gp1d41d619-20/x360 ft.8 lbs.B
Pelletbow, dwarven light50 gp1d31d419-20/x340 ft.4 lbs.B
Repeating hand crossbow800 gp1d31d419-20/x230 ft.4 lbs.P
Repeating heavy crossbow400 gp1d81d1019-20/x2120 ft.12 lbs.P
Repeating light crossbow250 gp1d61d819-20/x280 ft.6 lbs.P
Rope dart1 gp1d31d4x220 ft.Pblocking, distracting, monk
Shoanti bolas15 gp1d31d4x210 ft.2 lbs.B and Ptrip
Shrillshaft javelin35 gp1d41d6x230 ft.3 lbs.Psee text
Shuriken (5)1 gp11d2x210 ft.1/2 lb.Pmonk
Sling glove5 gp1d31d4x250 ft.2 lbs.B
Snag net30 gp10 ft.10 lbs.Ptrip, see text
Stormshaft javelin35 gp1d41d6x230 ft.3 lbs.Psee text
Thorn bow50 gp1d41d6x340 ft.2 lbs.P
Throwing shield+50 gp1d41d6x220 ft.Bperformance, trip
Wrist launcher200 gp20 ft.1 lb.P