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One-Handed Firearms (Early)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Breech-loader3,000 gp1d41d6x420 ft.1 (5 ft.)24 lbs.B and P
Buckler gun750 gp1d41d6x410 ft.1 (5 ft.)26 lbs.B and P
Coat pistol750 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P
Dagger pistol740 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P
Double-barreled pistol1,750 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)25 lbs.B and P
Dragon pistol1,000 gp1d41d6x4special1-2 (5 ft.)13 lbs.B and Pscatter
Dragoon Pistol1,500 gp1d61d8x330 ft.1 (5 ft.)35 lbs.B and P
Paddle-foot pistol2,500 gp1d41d6x320 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)45 lbs.B and Pscatter
Pepperbox3,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)65 lbs.B and P
Pistol1,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1 (5 ft.)14 lbs.B and P
Sword cane pistol775 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Early)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Air repeater600 gp1d61d8x450 ft.1 (see text)66 lbs.B and P
Axe musket1,600 gp1d61d8x430 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)16 lbs.B and P
Blunderbuss2,000 gp1d61d8x2special1-2 (10 ft.)18 lbs.B and Pscatter
Culverin4,000 gp2d62d8x430 ft.1 (10 ft.)140 lbs.B and Pscatter
Cylinder rifle6,000 gp1d61d8x440 ft.1-3 (10 ft.)812 lbs.B and P
Double hackbut4,000 gp2d102d12x450 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)218 lbs.B and P
Double-barreled musket2,500 gp1d101d12x440 ft.1-3 (5 ft.)211 lbs.B and P
Dragoon Musket2,000 gp1d101d12x360 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)312 lbs.B and P
Fire lance25 gp1d41d6x410 ft.1-4 (5 ft.)14 lbs.P
Musket1,500 gp1d101d12x440 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)19 lbs.B and P
Warhammer musket1,600 gp1d61d8x430 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)16 lbs.B and P

One-Handed Firearms (Advanced)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Radium pistol4,500 gp1d61d8x430 ft.163 lbs.B and Psee text
Revolver4,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.164 lbs.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Advanced)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Double-barreled shotgun7,000 gp1d61d8x220 ft.1-2215 lbs.B and Pscatter
Pepperbox rifle7,000 gp1d81d10x480 ft.1-2415 lbs.B and P
Radium rifle5,500 gp1d81d10x4100 ft.1110 lbs.B and Psee text
Rifle5,000 gp1d81d10x480 ft.1112 lbs.B and P
Shotgun5,000 gp1d61d8x220 ft.1-2112 lbs.B and Pscatter
Thark rifle6,500 gp1d81d10x41 mile1-2112 lbs.B and Psee text

Firearm Ammunition / Gear

Air reservoir6 gp
Alchemical cartridge (dragon's breath)40 gp
Alchemical cartridge (entangling shot)40 gp
Alchemical cartridge (flare)10 gp
Alchemical cartridge (gray dust shot)50 gp
Alchemical cartridge (gray dust)50 gp
Alchemical cartridge (molten shot)40 gp
Alchemical cartridge (paper, bullet or pellet)12 gp
Alchemical cartridge (repellent)30 gp
Alchemical cartridge (salt shot)12 gp
Alchemical cartridge (smoke cartridge)35 gp
Alchemical cartridge (toxin)100 gp
Black powder (dose)10 gp
Black powder (keg)1,000 gp5 lbs.
Bullet, adamantine61 gp
Bullet, screaming20 gp
Dragoon Cartridge30 gp
Firearm bullet (1)1 gp
Firearm bullet (30)30 gp1/2 lb.
Firearm bullet, silver25 gp
Gunsmith's kit15 gp2 lbs.
Lawrence 1917 flamethrower fuel tank50 gp9 lbs.
Metal cartridge15 gp
Pellets (30 handfuls)30 gp1/2 lb.
Pellets (handful)1 gp
Pitted bullet5 gp
Powder horn3 gp1 lb.

Modern Firearms

Below are some examples of modern firearms presented in Pathfinder #71: Rasputin Must Die! These use a number of new rules, including rules on capacity, magazine, siege weapons, and the automatic quality. For more information on these mechanics, please see Pathfinder #71 starting on page 63.

One-Handed Firearms (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Nagant M1895 revolver400 gp1d8x480 ft.174 lbs.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireWeightTypeSpecial
Lawrence 1917 flamethrower800 gp4d6 20 lbs.fire
Madsen light machine gun1,000 gp2d6x4100 ft.1-220 lbs.B and Pautomatic
Maxim M1910 machine gun1,500 gp2d8x4120 ft.1-2140 lbs.B and Pautomatic
Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle500 gp1d10x480 ft.19 lbs.B and P

Siege Firearms (Modern)

Aasen mortar500 gp6d6x3200 ft. (50 ft. min.)150 lbs.B, P, and S101
Hotchkiss 6 pounder2,000 gp8d6x3300 ft.1specialB, P, and S202

Explosives (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Gas cylinder300 gpsee description  50 lbs.see description
M1914 grenade (concussion)50 gp3d6x220 ft.  1 lb.Bsee description
M1914 grenade (fragmentation)75 gp4d6x220 ft.  1 lb.B, P, and Ssee description
M1917 chemical grenade100 gpsee description20 ft.  2 lbs.acidsee description