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One-Handed Firearms (Early)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Buckler gun750 gp1d41d6x410 ft.1 (5 ft.)26 lbs.B and P
Coat pistol750 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P
Dagger pistol740 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P
Double-barreled pistol1,750 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)25 lbs.B and P
Dragon pistol1,000 gp1d41d6x420 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)13 lbs.B and Pscatter
Dragoon Pistol1,500 gp1d61d8x330 ft.1 (5 ft.)35 lbs.B and P
Paddle-foot pistol2,500 gp1d41d6x320 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)45 lbs.B and Pscatter
Pepperbox3,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)65 lbs.B and P
Pistol1,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.1 (5 ft.)14 lbs.B and P
Sword cane pistol775 gp1d31d4x310 ft.1 (5 ft.)11 lb.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Early)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Axe musket1,600 gp1d61d8x430 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)16 lbs.B and P
Blunderbuss2,000 gp1d61d8x2special1-2 (10 ft.)18 lbs.B and Pscatter
Culverin4,000 gp2d62d8x430 ft.1 (10 ft.)140 lbs.B and Pscatter
Cylinder rifle6,000 gp1d61d8x440 ft.1-3 (10 ft.)812 lbs.B and P
Double hackbut4,000 gp2d102d12x450 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)218 lbs.B and P
Double-barreled musket2,500 gp1d101d12x410 ft.1-3 (5 ft.)211 lbs.B and P
Dragoon Musket2,000 gp1d101d12x360 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)312 lbs.B and P
Fire lance25 gp1d41d6x410 ft.1-4 (5 ft.)14 lbs.P
Musket1,500 gp1d101d12x440 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)19 lbs.B and P
Warhammer musket1,600 gp1d61d8x430 ft.1-2 (5 ft.)16 lbs.B and P

One-Handed Firearms (Advanced)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Radium pistol4,500 gp1d61d8x430 ft.163 lbs.B and Psee text
Revolver4,000 gp1d61d8x420 ft.164 lbs.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Advanced)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Double-barreled shotgun7,000 gp1d61d8x220 ft.1-2215 lbs.B and Pscatter
Pepperbox rifle7,000 gp1d81d10x480 ft.1-2415 lbs.B and P
Radium rifle5,500 gp1d81d10x4100 ft.1110 lbs.B and Psee text
Rifle5,000 gp1d81d10x480 ft.1112 lbs.B and P
Shotgun5,000 gp1d61d8x220 ft.1-2112 lbs.B and Pscatter
Thark rifle6,500 gp1d81d10x41 mile1-2112 lbs.B and Psee text

Firearm Ammunition / Gear

Modern Firearms

Below are some examples of modern firearms presented in Pathfinder #71: Rasputin Must Die! These use a number of new rules, including rules on capacity, magazine, siege weapons, and the automatic quality. For more information on these mechanics, please see Pathfinder #71 starting on page 63.

One-Handed Firearms (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Nagant M1895 revolver400 gp1d8x480 ft.174 lbs.B and P

Two-Handed Firearms (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireWeightTypeSpecial
Lawrence 1917 flamethrower800 gp4d6 20
Madsen light machine gun1,000 gp2d6x4100 ft.1-220 lbs.B and Pautomatic
Maxim M1910 machine gun1,500 gp2d8x4120 ft.1-2140 lbs.B and Pautomatic
Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle500 gp1d10x480 ft.19 lbs.B and P

Siege Firearms (Modern)

Aasen mortar500 gp6d6x3200 ft. (50 ft. min.)150 lbs.B, P, and S101
Hotchkiss 6 pounder2,000 gp8d6x3300 ft.1specialB, P, and S202

Explosives (Modern)

NameCostDmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeightTypeSpecial
Gas cylinder300 gpsee description  50 lbs.see description
M1914 grenade (concussion)50 gp3d6x220 ft.  1 lb.Bsee description
M1914 grenade (fragmentation)75 gp4d6x220 ft.  1 lb.B, P, and Ssee description
M1917 chemical grenade100 gpsee description20 ft.  2 lbs.acidsee description