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Description Source: Ultimate Magic
A wildblooded sorcerer has a mutated version of a more common bloodline, with one arcana and at least one bloodline power that are different from those of an unmutated bloodline. When creating a wildblooded sorcerer, select an existing bloodline, then select one of the following mutated bloodlines associated with that bloodline. Use the normal bloodline's class skill, bonus spells, and bonus feats, and the mutated bloodline's bloodline arcana. Use the normal bloodline's bloodline powers, except when the mutated bloodline replaces one of those powers.

NameAssociated BloodlineSummary
AerialStormbornYour magic is more focused on the power of air and rain than on lightning and thunder.
AnarchicProteanYour magical power taps into pure anarchy.
BedrockDeep EarthYour earth magic is more defensive than offensive.
BrutalAbyssalThe powers of the Abyss can vary radically, even for similar fiends.
Dark FeyFeyYour powers were born of malevolent trickery and shadowy First World magic.
EmpyrealCelestialYour heavenly power derives from insight rather than force of personality.
EnvenomedSerpentineThe ophidian source of your bloodline has more to do with stealth and assassination than it does with leadership and alliances.
GrovebornVerdantSome plant magic is more green, while some is more brown, like hardwood.
KarmicDestinedThe universe punishes those who interfere with destiny.
LifewaterElemental (water)Your soul is infused with the restorative and life-giving powers of elemental water.
LinnormDraconicYour draconic heritage stems from a mighty, primordial linnorm rather than from the more common, somewhat civilized dragons.
Pit-TouchedInfernalYour diabolic corruption is from a source in the deepest parts of Hell.
PrimalElementalYour powers are attuned to the concentrated core of the elemental plane.
RetributionMartyredOne of your ancestors was unjustly executed, and your soul is infused with this forebear’s vengeful spirit.
Rime-BloodedBorealThe wintry origin of your magic flows like ice water in your veins.
SageArcaneScholars of the arcane are always creating new means to use magic.
SanguineUndeadThe power of undeath can derive from cold blood as well as hard bone.
SeabornAquaticYour powers rise like the tides.
ShahzadaMaridYou are descended from the ranks of noble marids, making your blood royal as well as magical.
SylvanFeyYour ties to nature have more to do with creatures than with capriciousness.
UmbralShadowYour nature is to gather the darkness into yourself.
VisionaryDreamspunYour dream-magic strongly influences the waking world.
Void-TouchedStarsoulThe darkness between the stars calls to you.
WarpedAberrantThe alien taint in your blood causes malformations and mutations in others.