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Sorcerer Class Details | Bloodlines | Bloodline Mutations | Wildblooded | Archetypes

Sorcerer Archetypes

CrossbloodedSpells KnownA crossblooded bloodline combines the powers of two distinct heritages.
Dragon DrinkerBloodline Arcana; Claws Bloodline Power; 7th, 13th, and 19th-level Bloodline Feats(Requires Draconic Bloodline) The blood of dragons not only flows through a dragon drinker’s veins, but also empowers her spells and magical abilities when consumed.
Eldritch Scrapper1st, 9th, and 15th-level Bloodline PowersAn eldritch scrapper is usually spoiling for a fight, looking to prove that she’s just as tough as a martial character.
Mongrel MageBloodline; Bloodline Powers; Bloodline Spells; 7th, 13th, and 19th-level Bloodline FeatsA mongrel mage is a sorcerer whose bloodline is so weak, or mixed with so many others, that her power isn’t clearly associated with any bloodline source.
Nine-Tailed HeirBloodline Spell(Kitsune only) Tian stories often tell of kitsune with multiple tails who have a magical quirk in their blood or have been blessed by their race’s deific matron, Daikitsu
Razmiran PriestEschew Materials; 3rd-level Bloodline Spell; 5th-level Bloodline Spell; 9th-level Bloodline PowerThe Razmiran priest is a magical charlatan, missionary servant of the Living God.
SeekerEschew Materials, 3rd-level Bloodline Power, 15th-level Bloodline PowerThe seeker is obsessed with learning about their heritage and history, researching ancient texts and obscure ruins for clues.
Sorcerer of SleepBloodline Arcana; Eschew Materials; 1st-level Bloodline PowerSome sorcerers have trouble accessing their innate gifts and must find another way to unlock them. For a sorcerer of sleep, the mind-altering drug pesh is the key.
Stone WarderEschew Materials; 3rd-level Bloodline Spell; 7th-level Bloodline FeatStone warders have an innate ability to create runes that allow them to ward areas with magic traps built from their spells. These sorcerers are most common among dwarves, but have been known to appear among other races who have strong ties to earth, rock, stone, mountains, and the Darklands.
Tattooed Sorcerer1st-level Bloodline Power; Eschew Materials; 7th-level Bloodline Feat; 9th-level Bloodline PowerThe tattooed sorcerer has embraced the ancient traditions of Varisian spellcasting, and uses colorful and intricate tattoos to enhance her magical powers.
Umbral ScionBloodline (Shadow Only); Spellcasting; Shadowstrike Bloodline Power; 7th and 13th-level Bloodline FeatsUmbral scions are sorcerers who are able to expertly control their especially potent shadow heritage. The majority of umbral sorcerers hail from the Darklands.
WildbloodedBloodlineA wildblooded sorcerer has a mutated version of a more common bloodline, with one arcana and at least one bloodline power that are different from those of an unmutated bloodline.
WishcrafterBloodline Arcana; Bloodline Bonus Spells; 7th, 13th, 19th-level Bloodline Bonus Feats(Ifrit Only) Wishcrafters are born with a talent for manipulating reality inherited from their efreeti ancestors.