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The Last Azlanti's Analects (Spellbook, Level 15 Universalist)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 6
This book’s ancient leather cover is emblazoned with a simplified winged eye.
Protection Average lock with arcane lock (DC 35) and explosive runes (Reflex DC 16)
Value 7,030 gp (10,030 gp with the preparation ritual)


8th—dimensional lock, iron body
7th—Aroden’s magic army, delayed blast fireball, instant summons, limited wish
6th—antimagic field, Last Azlanti’s defending sword, mass human potential, transformation
5th—banishing blade, cone of cold, fabricate, greater guardian monument
4th—dimensional anchor, fear, locate creature, resilient sphere
3rd—daylight, dispel magic, fireball, greater magic weapon
2nd—continual flame, false life, human potential, whispering wind
1st—alarm, anticipate perilUM, expeditious construction, floating disk, hold portal, magic missile, protection from chaos, unseen servant


Efficient Creator (Su) You can spend this boon to use the magic item creation rules to create items with the Craft skill for one day. When doing this, your material costs are equal to half the final value of the item crafted (rather than the normal 1/3 of the cost for using the Craft skill). You can craft items with a cost greater than 1,000 gp by expending this boon over successive days, in the same way magic items with a cost over 1,000 gp can be crafted over multiple days. You otherwise follow all the rules and options for magic item creations.