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Pathfinder Chronicles

Description Source: Pathfinder Society Primer
Copies of the Pathfinder Chronicles are intended for members of the Society only, though some volumes have made their way into the public sphere. They serve not only as a record of accomplishments, but to inspire young and future Pathfinders throughout the world, all while increasing the renown of those whose journeys are detailed within. Some claim that the Pathfinder Society actually wants copies of the Pathfinder Chronicles to find their ways into the world at large as a means of attracting potential Pathfinders to seek membership in the organization. Ultimately, having one’s discoveries immortalized in the Pathfinder Chronicles stands among most Pathfinders’ highest ambitions.

Reading the Chronicles

Every Pathfinder Lodge is required to have at least one volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles in order to maintain its status as an official outpost of the organization, but most have complete or nearly complete collections for visiting Pathfinders to peruse. Many Pathfinder field agents carry one or two volumes with them at all times, either because the volumes contain information topical to a current assignment or because of personal interest in the history or tales of adventure within. Pathfinder Chronicles are more than just good reading: Many a seasoned Pathfinder credits the accounts of her predecessors with her success, and a good number of venture-captains swear that reading the Chronicles is all a Pathfinder needs to do to return from a mission with both her life intact and a tale of her own.

Reading a copy of a Pathfinder Chronicles volume grants a bonus on one or more skill checks made in specific situations, as determined by the book’s contents, which generally helps a Pathfinder deal with short-term obstacles in the field. Spending at least 1 hour each day reading a given volume grants a character the associated bonus (or bonuses) under the specified circumstances for 24 hours. If rushed, a character can attempt to locate pertinent information in a volume on hand by perusing it for 1 minute and succeeding at a DC 15 Intelligence check. Any bonus gained in this way is halved (minimum +1). Unless otherwise noted, a volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles is written in Common (Taldane) and weighs 1 pound.

Notable Volumes

The following Pathfinder Chronicles are but a few of the volumes a Pathfinder might encounter while adventuring. Each of these volumes contains specific tales, grants unique bonuses, and can be a great boon to PCs adventuring in similar situations. GMs can create their own volumes of the Pathfinder Chronicles by referencing the examples in this section, which use the following format.

Volume Number: A single volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles might contain multiple accounts within it, so volumes are numbered rather than titled. Because they’re released sporadically, they generally contain no dates on their covers or spines.

Price: The cost of a volume if it is available for purchase. Volumes are generally free to consult at Pathfinder Lodges, though they’re rarely loaned to Pathfinders for use in the field. (Agents may, however, make copies of volumes at their own expense). Theft of a lodge’s Pathfinder Chronicles is considered a grave offense, and Pathfinders have been cast out of the Society for doing so.

Description: A description of the volume’s contents and historical significance.

Skill Bonuses: The kinds of skill checks bolstered by referencing the guide, the circumstances in which the skill checks must be made, and the bonuses granted on these checks. Unless otherwise noted, Pathfinder Chronicles grant circumstance bonuses.

When referring to a volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles not detailed here—and there are dozens of such books in print—use the rules presented for a generic volume of the series as detailed on page 293 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.