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Animal Gear

Description Source: Ultimate Equipment
The following animal-related gear can be found in most large cities. Based on its location, a settlement might not have all of this related gear available at a given time (as the GM deems fit).

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

Animal call1 sp
Animal harness 2 gp 2 lbs.
Animal repellent15 gp
Aquarium ball80 gp20 lbs.
Aquatic pinger6 gp1/2 lb.
Barding (Large creature) ×4 ×2
Barding (Medium creature) ×2 ×1
Barding stitches50 gp1 lb.
Beast whistle5 gp
Beast-training kit15 gp26 lbs.
Bird feed (per day)5 cp1/2 lb.
Bird-training kit17 gp8 lbs.
Bit and bridle 2 gp 1 lb.
Cage (Diminutive or Fine) 10 gp 2 lbs.
Cage (Huge) 60 gp 960 lbs.
Cage (Large) 30 gp 240 lbs.
Cage (Small or Medium) 15 gp 60 lbs.
Cage (Tiny) 2 gp 5 lbs.
Caparison2 gp4 lbs.
Carnivore feed (per day)5 cp5 lbs.
Dandy brush2 sp2 lbs.
Dragon muzzle20 gp2 lbs.
Enraging whip10 gp
Falconry gauntlet 10 gp 1 lb.
Feed (per day) 5 cp 10 lbs.
Flying straps (masterwork)80 gp10 lbs.
Flying straps (standard)10 gp10 lbs.
Gorthek saddle50 gp75 lbs.
Hellknight bardingvariesvaries
Hide dye20 gp1 lb.
Horn harness30 gp20 lbs.
Horse whip5 gp1 lb.
Howdah500 gp250 lbs.
Incubation stove750 gp250 lbs.
Mammoth goad5 gp10 lbs.
Mastodon brush20 gp5 lbs.
Mithral horseshoes550 gp4 lbs.
Owlbear blinders10 gp
Poh armor500 gp65 lbs.
Poison caps25 gp1/2 lb.
Qadiran saddle200 gp5 lbs.
Saddle (exotic, military) 60 gp 40 lbs.
Saddle (exotic, pack) 15 gp 20 lbs.
Saddle (exotic, riding) 30 gp 30 lbs.
Saddle (military) 20 gp 30 lbs.
Saddle (pack) 5 gp 15 lbs.
Saddle (riding) 10 gp 25 lbs.
Saddlebags 4 gp 8 lbs.
Stabling (per day) 5 sp
Target dummy2-20 gp
Thorny breastplate600 gp80 lbs.
Training harness10 gp10 lbs.
Training sleeve100 gp5 lbs.
Traveling bee hive10 gp10 lbs.
Tusk blades50 gp10 lbs.
Whet bone1 sp2 lbs.
Whip, training5 gp2 lbs.