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Galtan Cookbook (Formula Book, Level 8 Alchemist)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 5
This book’s cover is illegibly scorched and the pages are wrinkled from water damage.
Value 670 gp (1,270 gp with the preparation ritual)


3rd—absorbing touchAPG, arcane sight, draconic reservoirAPG, seek thoughtsAPG
2nd—cat’s grace, invisibility, perceive cuesAPG, resist energy, see invisibility, undetectable alignment
1st—ant haulAPG, bomber’s eyeAPG, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, disguise self, expeditious retreat, true strike


Blast Finesse (Su) As an immediate action when you throw a bomb, you can spend this boon to shape the blast by adding up to three 5-foot squares to the area, as long as these spaces are adjacent to the bomb’s normal area of effect.