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Ultimate Wilderness

Estimated Release Date: 11/15/2017
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Afflictions - Poisons [14]

Blistercap spore, Blue star, Cloudthorn venom, Crone's curse, Draughtcap fungus, Goblin's eye, Jackalroot essence, Nymph's lure, Red bedlam, Starving nettle, Styx sap, Third eye, Violet venom, Witch-hunter's sword

Alchemist Discoveries [6]

Bitter Pill (Su), Grounding Goo* (Su), Pheromones (Su), Solid Ground* (Su), Thorny Bomb* (Su), Volumizer (Su)

Animal Companions [52]

Anglerfish, Archaeopyeryx, Armorfish, Assassin Bug, Giant, Bustard, Capybara, Caterpillar, Giant, Cattle, Chimpanzee, Cockroach, Giant, Corpse-Eater Fungus, Creeping Puffball, Dragonfly, Giant, Eohippus, Eurypterid, Falcon, Frilled Lizard, Giant, Grizzly Bear, Gulper Plant, Hammerhead Shark, Hunting Cactus, Llama, Locust, Giant, Mantis Shrimp, Giant, Marsupial Devil, Marsupial Lion, Mole, Giant, Moose, Mosquito, Giant, Ornithomimosaur, Owl, Giant, Panda, Porcupine, Giant, Prionosuchus, Rash Creeper, Reef Snake, Reindeer, Saber-Toothed Cat, Salamander, Giant, Skunk, Giant, Slithering Sundew, Snapping Flytrap, Sniper Cactus, Solifugid, Giant, Spider, Web Tyrant, Spitting Cobra, Squid, Giant, Termite, Giant, Whiptail Centipede, Giant, Wolfdog, Yak, Zebra

Archetypes [126]

Aberrant Companion (Companion), Aerie Protector (Druid), Ambassador (Familiar), Ambusher (Companion), Animal Exemplar (Familiar), Aromaphile (Mesmerist), Arrow Champion (Swashbuckler), Augmented Companion (Companion), Auspice (Companion), Avalancher (Slayer), Avenging Beast (Vigilante), Bacchanal (Skald), Blighted Defiler (Kineticist), Blighted Myrmidon (Antipaladin), Boaster (Skald), Bodyguard (Companion), Brutish Swamper (Barbarian), Bully (Companion), Cartographer (Investigator), Cave Dweller (Barbarian), Chameleon Adept (Hunter), Commando (Gunslinger), Cultivator (Bard), Daredevil (Companion), Deathtouched Companion (Companion), Desert Raider (Rogue), Dinosaur Druid (Druid), Draconic Companion (Companion), Dune Rider (Slayer), Egotist (Familiar), Elementalist Oracle (Oracle), Elementalist Shifter (Shifter), Emissary (Familiar), Feral Champion (Warpriest), Feral Striker (Brawler), Fey Courtier (Bard), Fey Prankster (Rogue), Feytouched Companion (Companion), Fiendflesh Shifter (Shifter), Figment (Familiar), Filidh (Bard), Flamewarden (Ranger), Flood Walker (Witch), Forest Preserver (Paladin), Forester (Hunter), Geomancer (Occultist), Green Faith Initiate (Druid), Green Faith Marshal (Inquisitor), Green Knight (Cavalier), Guerrilla (Slayer), Herb Witch (Witch), Herbalist (Alchemist), Horticulturist (Alchemist), Hunt Caller (Skald), Hunting Paladin (Paladin), Ice Chemist (Alchemist), Infiltrator (Familiar), Leafshifter (Shifter), Leshy Caller (Summoner), Leshy Caller (Summoner (Unchained)), Leshy Warden (Druid), Leshykineticist (Kineticist), Living Avalanche (Brawler), Mascot (Familiar), Mauler (Familiar), Menhir Guardian (Monk), Natural Philosopher (Investigator), Naturalist (Occultist), Nature-Bonded Magus (Magus), Occult Historian (Occultist), Oozemorph (Shifter), Pack Hunter (Barbarian), Patient Ambusher (Hunter), Pilferer (Familiar), Plant Master (Hunter), Plant Speaker (Bard), Prankster (Familiar), Precocious Companion (Companion), Protector (Familiar), Racer (Companion), Rageshaper (Shifter), Raging Cannibal (Barbarian), River Druid (Druid), River Rat (Rogue), River Soul (Oracle), Road Keeper (Druid), Rot Warden (Druid), Sage (Familiar), Saurian Champion (Cavalier), Scarab Stalker (Hunter), Season Sage (Druid), Season Witch (Witch), Sharptooth (Barbarian), Skirmisher (Fighter), Sly Saboteur (Rogue), Soulbound Familiar (Familiar), Star Watcher (Investigator), Stormwalker (Ranger), Summit Sentinel (Ranger), Sylvan Trickster (Rogue), Terrakineticist (Kineticist), Thundercaller (Bard), Tidal Hunter (Ranger), Totem Guide (Companion), Toxic Herbalist (Ranger), Tracker (Companion), Tree Soul (Oracle), Treestrider (Hunter), Tribal Fighter (Fighter), Turfer (Brawler), Valet (Familiar), Venomfist (Brawler), Verdant Companion (Companion), Verdant Grappler (Brawler), Verdant Shifter (Shifter), Viking (Fighter), Wasteland Meditant (Monk), Water Dancer (Monk), Weretouched (Shifter), Wild Soul (Ranger), Wildborn (Barbarian), Wilderness Explorer (Ranger), Wilderness Warden (Paladin), Wildstrider (Swashbuckler), Woodland Sniper (Slayer), Wrecker (Companion)

Barbarian Rage Powers [17]

Autumn Rage (Su), Bestial Flyer (Ex), Contagious Rage (Su), Dissipating Rage (Su), Eclipsing Rage (Su), Eclipsing Rage, Greater (Su), Hissing Rage (Su), Lizard Stride (Su), Pack Rage (Ex), Raging Flyer (Ex), Raging Whirlwind (Su), Spring Rage (Su), Summer Rage (Su), Tyrant Totem (Ex), Tyrant Totem, Greater (Su), Tyrant Totem, Lesser (Ex), Winter Rage (Su)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Green

Classes [1]


Druid Domains [2]

Erosion, Vermin

Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Equipment (Misc.) [65]

Adhesive strip, Alchemical pheromones (aggression), Alchemical pheromones (arousal), Alchemical pheromones (simple), Alchemical pheromones (susceptibility), Alchemical resin, Angelstep, Animal repellent, Animal-repellant sack, Antivenom, Backpack (carrier), Backpack (hydration), Backpack (weaponrack), Black Amaranth, Bloody Mandrake, Bone Reed, Camouflaged Canvas, Cloud Puff, Companion cold-weather outfit, Cooler chest, Cushion inserts, Dragon Rose, Dream Lichen, Duo saw, Efficient tent, Fairy Cap, Field survival guide, Filter scarf, Flame-retardant outfit, Fortifying fertilizer, Goblin fishing lure, Goblinvine, Hunter's stand, Inside pocket, Insulated flask, Leechwort, Liniment, Love-In-Idleness, Merfolk's Comb, Mimameith, Moly, Nature climbing harness, Nepenthe, Nightsage, Noble's excursion kit, Privacy shelter, Red flame torch, Riding bee (combat-trained queen), Riding bee (combat-trained worker), Riding bee (queen), Riding bee (worker), Seeing Slime, Shifter's kit, Silent piton, Snakebite kit, Speed sheath, Stretch cords, Tanner's kit, Tent cover, Trekking pole, Wading boots, Waist pouch, Windup music box, Wing hooks, Winterbite

Familiars [57]

Arctic fox, Arctic hare, Arctic tern, Armadillo, Butterfly, Cat, margay, Chicken, Cockroach, Creeper ivy, Dodo, Dolphin, popoto, Dwarf caiman, Dweomer cap, Ermine, Fire salamander, Flowering lattice, Horned lizard, Ioun wyrd, Isopod, giant, Jerboa, Kakapo, Koala, Lamprey, Lemming, Leopard slug, Marine iguana, Meerkat, Mole, Mongoose, Moth, Osprey, Parrot, Peafowl, Penguin, Petrifern, Platypus, Ptarmigan, Pufferfish, Puffin, Rabbit, Ravenous tumbleweed, Razor fern, Rhamphorhynchus, Sawleg locust, Sea krait, Seal, Shimmerwing dragonfly, Skunk, Snail kite, Spiny starfish, Squirrel, Suture vine, Tardigrade, giant, Tarsier, Toucan, Vampire squid, Wallaby

Feats [136]

Advanced Gathlain Magic, Ambush Awareness, Animal Call, Animal Disguise, Animal Ferocity, Aquatic Combatant, Aquatic Spell, Arctic Adaptation, Beast Hunter, Beastmaster Ire, Beastmaster Salvation, Beastmaster Style, Boon Companion, Branch Pounce, Bristling Bull Rush, Bristling Drag, Camouflaged Trap, Climbing Vine, Clinging Climber, Command Animals, Command Plants, Cover Tracks, Crashing Wave Buffet, Crashing Wave Fist, Crashing Wave Style, Cultivate Magic Plants, Deadly Trap, Deep Diver, Delectable Feint, Desert Dweller, Devotion against the Unnatural, Disruptive Companion, Eagle-Eyed, Earth Magic, Eidolon Mount, Energized Wild Shape, Enhanced Gnome Magic, Exotic Heritage, Expert Cartographer, Expert Explorer, Expert Salvager, Extended Animal Focus, Extended Aspects, False Trail, Feral Grace, Ferocious Beast, Ferocious Feint, Fey Insight, Fey Performance, Fey-Guarded, Flinging Charge, Foebane Magic, Forester, Frightful Shape, Greater Beast Hunter, Greater Gathlain Magic, Greater Hunter's Bond, Greater Spring Attack, Greater Tenacious Hunter, Greater Wilding Strike, Green Tongue, Group Shared Spells, Harder They Fall, Hide Worker, Ice Climber, Improved Beast Hunter, Improved Hunter's Bond, Improved Intercept Blow, Improved Natural Poison Harvester, Improved Spring Attack, Improved Wilding Strike, Indomitable Mountain Avalanche, Indomitable Mountain Peak, Indomitable Mountain Style, Inner Light (UW), Intercept Blow, Intimidate Animals, Jaguar Pounce, Jungle Survivalist, Kudzu Grappler, Live off the Land, Moontouched, Mountaineer, Mutated Shape, Natural Poison Antitoxin, Natural Poison Harvester, Nature's Freedom, Nature's Weapons, Night Sky Hex, One Eye Open, One with the Land, Out of the Sun, Photosynthetic Healing, Plains Nomad, Reactive Reversion, Reflexive Interception, River Raider, Rubble Skirmisher, Scion of the Land, Seasoned Flier, Share Feature, Shifter's Edge, Shifter's Rush, Sproutling, Storm Survivor, Superior Gathlain Magic, Swamper, Symbiotic Resilience, Tenacious Hunter, Thrill of the Hunt, Torrid Tolerance, Totemic Disciple, Totemic Initiate, Totemic Master, Tree Leaper, Tribal Hunter, Verdant Spell, Vigilant Charger, Voice of Beasts, Wandering Mind, Waterway Caster, Wild Growth Channel, Wild Growth Hex, Wild Vigor, Wilding, Wilding Mind, Wilding Senses, Wilding Stride, Wilding Strike, Witchbreaker, Wolf Rider, Wolf Savage, Wolf Style, Wolf Trip, Wood Crafter, Woodland Wraith

Hazards - Haunts [3]

Dimensional Tear, Enchanting Demise, Following Footsteps

Hunter Animal Focuses [23]

Assassin Vine, Bee, Brambles, Cat, Cow, Creeping Vine, Crocodile, Giant Flytrap, Ibis, Jackal, Kite, Leopard, Lion, Mushroom, Oak, Ram, Scarab Beetle, Scorpion, Sha, Shrieker, Spore, Uraeus, Water Lily

Kineticist Elements [1]


Kineticist Wild Talents [36]

Autumn Blast, Basic Phytokinesis, Brachiation, Flesh of Wood, Forest Siege, Foxfire, Foxfire Infusion, Green Tongue, Green Tongue, Greater, Greensight, Healing Burst, Herbal Antivenom, Merciful Foliage, Photokinetic Infusion, Plant Disguise, Plant Puppet, Positive Admixture, Positive Blast, Roots, Shape Wood, Spore Infusion, Spring Blast, Summer Blast, Thorn Flesh, Toxic Infusion, Toxic Infusion, Greater, Tree Step, Verdant Blast, Warp Wood, Wild Growth, Winter Blast, Wood Blast, Wood Healer, Wood Soldiers, Woodland Step, Woodland Step, Greater

Magic Items (Armor) [1]


Magic Items (Plants) [17]

Acidic Lemon Tree, Altitude Fern, Breezeblown Dandelion, Fireapple Tree, Fishweed, Goodberry Bush, Grabbing Vines, Helping Hands Vine, Palm of Decadent Feasts, Poison Siphon Tree, Portal Oak, Restful Birch, Salvation Cactus, Sheltershrub, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Woe, Waterwalk Reeds

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Ambushing, Plummeting

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [13]

Belt of Spirit Vines, Bestial Rags, Bottled Sunlight, Coat of Mist, Greensurge Bomb, Guiding Scarab, Harness of Grabbing Vines, Harness of Hovering, Herald Seed, Propagation Pod, Rootsense Boots, Shrinking Berries, Slippers of the Primordial Wilds

Monsters [46]

Arctic Hare, Arctic Tern, Armadillo, Butterfly/Moth, Chicken, Cockroach, Creeper Ivy, Dodo, Dwarf Caiman, Dweomer Cap, Fire Salamander, Flowering Lattice, Giant Isopod, Giant Tardigrade, Horned Lizard, Ioun Wyrd, Jerboa, Kakapo, Koala, Lamprey, Lemming, Leopard Slug, Margay Cat, Meerkat, Mole (UW), Peafowl, Penguin, Petrifern, Platypus, Popoto Dolphin, Ptarmigan, Pufferfish, Puffin, Rabbit, Ravenous Tumbleweed, Razor Fern, Rhamphorhynchus, Sawleg Locust, Seal, Shimmerwing Dragonfly, Spiny Starfish, Squirrel, Suture Vine, Tarsier, Vampire Squid, Wallaby

Occult Rituals [5]

Form Blight, Labyrinthine Wilds, Reinforce Campsite, Return to Dormancy, Sever Spirit

Psychic Discplines [2]

Ferocity, Symbiosis

Races [3]

Gathlain, Ghoran, Vine Leshy

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [36]

Dwarf - Shifter, Elf - Shifter, Gathlain - Barbarian, Gathlain - Bard, Gathlain - Bloodrager, Gathlain - Cavalier, Gathlain - Druid, Gathlain - Hunter, Gathlain - Ranger, Gathlain - Rogue, Gathlain - Shaman, Gathlain - Skald, Gathlain - Summoner, Gathlain - Witch, Ghoran - Druid, Ghoran - Hunter, Ghoran - Mesmerist, Ghoran - Ranger, Ghoran - Rogue, Ghoran - Shaman, Ghoran - Shifter, Ghoran - Sorcerer, Ghoran - Witch, Gnome - Shifter, Half-Elf - Shifter, Halfling - Shifter, Half-Orc - Shifter, Human - Shifter, Vine Leshy - Alchemist, Vine Leshy - Bard, Vine Leshy - Druid, Vine Leshy - Kineticist, Vine Leshy - Oracle, Vine Leshy - Ranger, Vine Leshy - Rogue, Vine Leshy - Shaman

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [15]

Vine Leshy - Agile, Ghoran - Creator's Legacy, Gathlain - Flighty, Vine Leshy - Grapevine, Gathlain - Honey Whisperer, Gathlain - Intense Curiosity, Ghoran - Martial Recollection (Ex), Ghoran - Occult Scion, Gathlain - Otherworldly Gossip, Vine Leshy - Poisonous, Ghoran - Spelleater, Vine Leshy - Swamp Leshy, Gathlain - Titled, Gathlain - Tree Dialect, Gathlain - Tree-Born

Shaman Spirits [1]


Shifter Aspects [15]

Bat, Bear, Bull, Deinonychus, Falcon, Frog, Lizard, Monkey, Mouse, Owl, Snake, Stag, Tiger, Wolf, Wolverine

Skill Uses [10]

Companion Tricks (Handle Animal), Crafting Antivenom (Craft), Crafting Antivenom (Heal), Foraging (Survival), Harvesting Poison (Survival), Herbalism (Profession), Milking Venom (Handle Animal), Preserving Harvested Poison (Craft), Salvaging (Craft), Salvaging (Spellcraft)

Slayer Talents [4]

Sticks and Stones, Sunlight Strike, Sure Footing, Toxin Training

Spells [57]

Alpha Instinct, Aquatic Cavalry, Bleed for your Master, Callback, Callback, Greater, Cave Fangs, Companion Transportation, Delectable Flesh, Earth Tremor, Echo, Explosion of Rot, Fey Form I, Fey Form II, Fey Form III, Fey Form IV, Fey Gate, Flashfire, Forest's Sense, Grasping Vine, Greensight, Hidden Spring, Iron Stake, Leshy Swarm, Magical Beast Shape, Merge with Familiar, Mirage, Ooze Form I, Ooze Form II, Ooze Form III, Pouncing Fury, Replay Tracks, Ropeweave, Scamper, Sea of Dust, Sea Stallion, Sea Steed, Seed Spies, Shapechanger's Gift, Shapechanger's Gift, Greater, Signs of the Land, Sky Steed, Snowball, Soothing Mud, Sturdy Tree Fort, Tail Current, Tailwind, Tamer's Lash, Tidal Surge, Vigilant Rest, Vine Strike, Waft, Wandering Weather, Wing Bounty, Wing Thorns, Winter Grasp, With the Wind, Wooden Wing Shield

Subdomains [1]


Traps [10]

Breakaway Log, Breakaway Vine, Clam Clamp, Deadfall, Musk Shower, Razor Grass, Spring Snare, Spring-arm Spike, Swinging Log, Tar Snare

Warpriest Blessings [4]

Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Wildfire

Weapon Groups [10]

club (Tribal), dagger (Tribal), greatclub (Tribal), handaxe (Tribal), heavy shield (Tribal), light shield (Tribal), shortspear (Tribal), spear (Tribal), throwing axe (Tribal), unarmed strike (Tribal)

Witch Hexes [4]

City Sight (Su), Enemy Ground (Su), No Place Like Home (Su), Summer’s Heat (Su)

Witch Patrons [6]

Autumn, Spring, Summer, Thorns, Winter, Woodlands