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Advanced Class Guide

Estimated Release Date: 8/14/2014
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Alchemist Discoveries [4]

Grand Inspiring Cognatogen (Su), Greater Inspiring Cognatogen (Su), Inspired Bomb (Su), Inspiring Cognatogen (Su)

Arcanist Exploits [40]

Acid Jet, Alter Enhancements, Arcane Barrier, Arcane Weapon, Bloodline Development, Burning Flame, Consume Magic Items, Counter Drain, Counterspell, Dancing Electricity, Dimensional Slide, Energy Absorption, Energy Shield, Familiar, Flame Arc, Force Strike, Greater Counterspell, Greater Metamagic Knowledge, Greater Spell Disruption, Greater Spell Resistance, Ice Missile, Icy Tomb, Item Crafting, Lightning Lance, Lingering Acid, Metamagic Knowledge, Metamixing, Potent Magic, Quick Study, Redirect Spell, Resistance Drain, School Understanding, See Magic, Siphon Spell, Spell Disruption, Spell Resistance, Spell Thief, Spell Tinkerer, Suffering Knowledge, Swift Consume

Archetypes [105]

Animist (Shaman), Blade Adept (Arcanist), Blood Arcanist (Arcanist), Blood Conduit (Bloodrager), Bloodrider (Bloodrager), Bolt Ace (Gunslinger), Bounty Hunter (Slayer), Brown-Fur Transmuter (Arcanist), Champion of the Faith (Warpriest), Cleaner (Slayer), Counterfeit Mage (Rogue), Crossblooded Rager (Bloodrager), Cult Leader (Warpriest), Cutthroat (Slayer), Daring Champion (Cavalier), Daring Infiltrator (Swashbuckler), Deliverer (Slayer), Disenchanter (Warpriest), Divine Commander (Warpriest), Divine Hunter (Hunter), Divine Tracker (Ranger), Ecclesitheurge (Cleric), Eldritch Font (Arcanist), Eldritch Scion (Magus), Eldritch Scrapper (Sorcerer), Elemental Master (Arcanist), Empiricist (Investigator), Exemplar (Brawler), Exploiter Wizard (Wizard), Fated Champion (Skald), Feral Hunter (Hunter), Feral Shifter (Druid), Flame Dancer (Bard), Flying Blade (Swashbuckler), Forgepriest (Warpriest), Grave Warden (Slayer), Greenrager (Bloodrager), Herald of the Horn (Skald), Hex Channeler (Witch), Holy Guide (Paladin), Hooded Champion (Ranger), Infiltrator (Investigator), Inspired Blade (Swashbuckler), Inspired Chemist (Alchemist), Kata Master (Monk), Martial Master (Fighter), Mastermind (Investigator), Metamagic Rager (Bloodrager), Mongrel Mage (Sorcerer), Mountain Witch (Witch), Mouser (Swashbuckler), Musketeer (Swashbuckler), Mutagenic Mauler (Brawler), Mutation Warrior (Fighter), Mysterious Avenger (Swashbuckler), Naturalist (Summoner), Nature Fang (Druid), Occultist (Arcanist), Packmaster (Hunter), Picaroon (Swashbuckler), Possessed Shaman (Shaman), Primal Companion Hunter (Hunter), Primalist (Bloodrager), Psychic Searcher (Oracle), Rageshaper (Bloodrager), Sacred Fist (Warpriest), Sacred Huntsmaster (Inquisitor), Sanctified Slayer (Inquisitor), School Savant (Arcanist), Shield Champion (Brawler), Sleuth (Investigator), Snakebite Striker (Brawler), Sniper (Slayer), Speaker for the Past (Shaman), Spell Sage (Wizard), Spell Specialist (Arcanist), Spell Warrior (Skald), Spelleater (Bloodrager), Spirit Guide (Oracle), Spirit Summoner (Summoner), Spirit Warden (Shaman), Spirit Whisperer (Wizard), Spiritualist (Investigator), Steel Hound (Investigator), Steelblood (Bloodrager), Steel-Breaker (Brawler), Strangler (Brawler), Stygian Slayer (Slayer), Temple Champion (Paladin), Totemic Skald (Skald), Underground Chemist (Rogue), Unlettered Arcanist (Arcanist), Unsworn Shaman (Shaman), Untouchable Rager (Bloodrager), Vanguard (Slayer), Verminous Hunter (Hunter), Visionary (Shaman), Voice of the Wild (Bard), Warsighted (Oracle), White Mage (Arcanist), Wild Child (Brawler), Wild Hunter (Ranger), Wild Whisperer (Druid), Wildcat (Monk), Witch Doctor (Shaman)

Barbarian Rage Powers [32]

Abyssal Blood (Su), Abyssal Blood, Greater (Su), Abyssal Blood, Lesser (Su), Battle Roar (Su), Celestial Blood (Su), Celestial Blood, Greater (Su), Celestial Blood, Lesser (Su), Draconic Blood (Su), Draconic Blood, Greater (Su), Draconic Blood, Lesser (Su), Elemental Blood (Su), Elemental Blood, Greater (Su), Elemental Blood, Lesser (Su), Fey Blood (Su), Fey Blood, Greater (Su), Fey Blood, Lesser (Su), Fierce Fortitude (Ex), Infernal Blood (Su), Infernal Blood, Greater (Su), Infernal Blood, Lesser (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Cairn (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Crag (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Fjord (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Ice (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Taiga (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Tarn (Su), Linnorm Death Curse, Tor (Su), Raging Flier (Su), Ultimate Clarity (Su), Undead Blood (Su), Undead Blood, Greater (Su), Undead Blood, Lesser (Su)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [10]

Aberrant, Abyssal, Arcane, Celestial, Destined, Draconic, Elemental, Fey, Infernal, Undead

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Beast (ACG)

Classes [10]

Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Warpriest

Equipment (Misc.) [66]

Animal call, Antiemetic snuff, Arcanist's kit, Blood-clotter salve, Bloodrager's kit, Bloodvine rope, Book lariat, Book of puzzles, Book of war prayers, Braille bracelet, Brawler's kit, Calumet, Cheat sheath, Cipher rings, Collapsible trampoline, Cork vest, Courtesan's kit, Dust knuckles (4 vials), Dust knuckles (diamond dust vial), Dust knuckles (gloves), Fire pump, Footprint cast, Fortifying brew, Grappler's grease, Gravelly tonic, Hand rotary quern, Holy weapon balm, Hunter's kit, Hunter's sight, Investigator's kit, Light fire ink, Liquid traction, Lozenge of the songbird, Marlinspike, Masking scent (animal), Masking scent (humanoid), Masking scent (magical beast), Mobile hospital, Musk kit, Obals, Oil of the masters, Pathstones, Poison ward salve, Portable prison, Rager's aid, Reagent paper, Roperunner, Scavenger beetle colony, Shaman's kit, Skald's kit, Slayer's kit, Sleeve holster, Snuffbox (bone or tortoise shell), Snuffbox (ivory or precious metal), Snuffbox (tin or wood), Sugar glass bottle, Swashbuckler's kit, Tome of epics, Tracker's snuff, Tracking powder, Traveling bee hive, Traveling garden, Vomit capsule, Warpriest's kit, Woad painting (kit), Woad painting (paint, 1 block)

Feats [131]

Aberrant Tumor, Amateur Investigator, Amateur Swashbuckler, Animal Soul, Anticipate Dodge, Barroom Brawler, Battle Cry, Befuddling Strike, Believer's Boon, Believer's Hands, Blasting Charge, Blessed Striker, Blooded Arcane Strike, Bookish Rogue, Canny Tumble, Channeled Blessing, Channeling Force, Confounding Tumble Deed, Coordinated Shot, Counter Reflexes, Counterpunch, Dazing Fist, Disable Dweomer, Disarming Threat Deed, Disheartening Display, Distracting Charge, Divine Protection, Draining Strike, Dual Enhancement, Dueling Cape Deed, Energy Channel, Esoteric Linguistics, Evolved Companion, Evolved Summoned Monster, Expanded Preparation, Extended Animal Focus, Extra Arcanist Exploit, Extra Channel, Extra Hex, Extra Inspiration, Extra Investigator Talent, Extra Martial Flexibility, Extra Panache, Extra Reservoir, Extra Slayer Talent, Extreme Prejudice, Faerie's Strike, Favored Enemy Spellcasting, Flexible Hex, Flexible Wizardry, Focused Inspiration, Force Dash, Formula Recollection, Grabbing Drag, Grabbing Master, Grabbing Style, Grasping Strike, Greater Dirge of Doom, Greater Skald's Vigor, Greater Weapon of the Chosen, Gruesome Slaughter, Improved Awesome Blow, Improved Dirge of Doom, Improved Duck and Cover, Improved Flexible Wizardry, Improved Spell Sharing, Improved Studied Combatant, Improved Swap Places, Improved Weapon of the Chosen, Insightful Delivery, Inspired Alchemy, Inspired by Fear, Inspired Strike, Intercept Charge, Intimidating Performance, Jabbing Dancer, Jabbing Master, Jabbing Style, Kick Up, Killing Flourish, Lay of the Land, Lunging Spell Touch, Manifested Blood, Merciless Butchery, Nature Magic, Orator, Pack Flanking, Paralyzing Strike, Pommel Strike Deed, Pummeling Bully, Pummeling Charge, Pummeling Style, Quicken Blessing, Rage Casting, Raging Absorption, Raging Blood, Raging Concentration, Ranged Study, Reactive Healing, Reckless Rage, Recovered Rage, Resilient Armor, Riving Strike, Seething Hatred, Seize Advantage, Share Healing, Silent Kill, Skald's Vigor, Skilled Rager, Slashing Grace, Slayer's Feint, Slow Faller, Spirit Talker, Spirit's Gift, Spiritual Guardian, Spontaneous Nature's Ally, Staggering Fist, Stalker's Focus, Steadfast Personality, Stouthearted, Studied Combatant, Surprise Maneuver, Talented Magician, Twinned Feint, Twist Away, Undersized Mount, Unfettered Familiar, War Blessing, Weapon of the Chosen, Winter's Strike, Wounded Paw Gambit

Gunslinger Dares [4]

Desperate Evasion, Frantically Nimble, Out for Blood, Run Like Hell

Hunter Animal Focuses [27]

Ant, Bat, Bear, Beetle, Bull, Centipede, Cockroach, Crab, Falcon, Flea, Fly, Frog, Leech, Mantis, Monkey, Moth, Mouse, Owl, Phasmid, Scorpion, Snake, Spider, Stag, Tiger, Wasp, Wolf, Worm

Investigator Talents [30]

Alchemist Discovery, Amazing Inspiration, Blinding Strike, Combat Inspiration, Confusing Strike, Deafening Strike, Device Talent, Effortless Aid, Eidetic Recollection, Empathy, Expanded Inspiration, Greater Combat Inspiration, Hidden Agendas, Inspirational Expertise, Inspired Alertness, Inspired Intelligence, Inspired Intimidator, Item Lore, Perceptive Tracking, Quick Study, Repositioning Strike, Rogue Talent, Sapping Offensive, Sickening Offensive, Stealing Strike, Studied Defense, Tenacious Inspiration, Toppling Strike, Unconventional Inspiration, Underworld Inspiration

Magic Items (Armor) [15]

Amorphous, Burdenless, Calming, Clawhand Shield, Full Plate of the Corpse, Hero's Hauberk, Jarring, Restful, Sensing, Spell Dodging, Spiteful, Stalking, Tireless Tracking Hide, Trackless, Vouchsafing

Magic Items (Rings) [21]

Ring of Ancestral Blood Magic, Ring of Eloquence, Ring of Lingering Blood Magic, Ring of Natural Attunement (Drake), Ring of Natural Attunement (Kami), Ring of Natural Attunement (Leshy), Ring of Powerful Blood Magic, Ring of Resilience, Ring of Summoning Affinity (Aeon), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Agathion), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Angel), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Archon), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Asura), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Daemon), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Div), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Inevitable), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Kyton), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Protean), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Psychopomp), Ring of Summoning Affinity (Qlippoth), Ring of Vengeful Blood Magic

Magic Items (Rods) [5]

Rod of Abrupt Hexes, Rod of Grasping Hexes, Rod of Interminable Hexes, Rod of Potent Hexes, Rod of Voracious Hexes

Magic Items (Staves) [4]

Ember Staff, Gravedigger's Spade, Monstrification Staff, Spark Staff

Magic Items (Weapons) [24]

Answering, Blood-Hunting, Bloodsong, Brawling, Confounding, Distracting, Distracting, Greater, Duelist's Comate, Exclusionary, Exhausting, Fate-Stealing, Flamboyant, Flamboyant, Greater, Flying, Fortuitous, Headsman's Blade, Inspired, Phantom Ammunition, Prehensile, Rapier of Battlefield Movement, Sacred, Sneaky, Spirit-Hunting, Swashbuckler's Rapier

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [100]

Belt of Superior Maneuvers (+1), Belt of Superior Maneuvers (+2), Belt of Superior Maneuvers (+3), Belt of Superior Maneuvers (+4), Belt of Superior Maneuvers (+5), Spell Lattice (1st), Runestone of Power (1st), Runestone of Power (2nd), Spell Lattice (2nd), Spell Lattice (3rd), Runestone of Power (3rd), Runestone of Power (4th), Spell Lattice (4th), Spell Lattice (5th), Runestone of Power (5th), Runestone of Power (6th), Spell Lattice (6th), Spell Lattice (7th), Runestone of Power (7th), Runestone of Power (8th), Spell Lattice (8th), Spell Lattice (9th), Runestone of Power (9th), Amulet of the Blooded (Aberrant), Amulet of the Blooded (Abyssal), Amulet of the Blooded (Accursed), Amulet of Uncanny Defense, Aspect Mask, Assassin's Dust, Banner of Restful Nights, Amulet of the Spirits (Battle), Bell of Returning Spirits, Bloodstained Gloves, Blouse of the Boastful Bastard, Amulet of the Spirits (Bones), Boots of Gusto, Boots of Swift Fury, Boots of the Battle Herald, Boots of Vaulting, Bottled Scream, Brass Spider, Cape of Daring Deeds, Cape of Feinting, Amulet of the Blooded (Celestial), Cloak of Disarming, Cloak of the Sneaky Scoundrel, Cups of Rapport, Amulet of the Blooded (Destined), Dire Collar, Dire Collar, Greater, Amulet of the Blooded (Draconic), Drinking Horn of the Panacea, Amulet of the Blooded (Elemental), Elixir of Sex Shift, Elixir of the Thundering Voice, False Face, Amulet of the Blooded (Fey), Amulet of the Spirits (Flame), Gloves of Marking, Glowing Gourd, Handkerchief of Finding, Headband of the Wolf, Amulet of the Spirits (Heavens), Helm of the Valkyrie, Howling Bracers, Hunter's Tree Fort, Incense of Eidos, Amulet of the Blooded (Infernal), Investigator's Pipe, Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven, Lantern of Auras, Lenses of the Predator's Gaze, Amulet of the Spirits (Life), Lute of the Battle Ready, One-Way Window, Physician's Spectacles, Plume of Panache, Poet's Cloak, Preyfinder, Restoration Dust, Runes of the Crone's Coven, Runes of the Old Faith, Saboteur's Goggles, Scabbard of Many Blades, Skullcrusher Gauntlets, Slayer's Robe, Amulet of the Spirits (Stone), Storyteller's Dust, Swordmaster's Flair, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Tin Imp), Toothpick of Pyrotechnics, Torc of Bloody Rage, Torc of the Primal Song, Trollbone, Amulet of the Blooded (Undead), Vanishing Sheath, Wand Key Ring, Amulet of the Spirits (Waves), Whistle of Calling, Amulet of the Spirits (Wind)

Magus Arcana [2]

Arcane Deed (Ex), Flamboyant Arcana

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [70]

Dwarf - Arcanist, Dwarf - Bloodrager, Dwarf - Brawler, Dwarf - Hunter, Dwarf - Investigator, Dwarf - Shaman, Dwarf - Skald, Dwarf - Slayer, Dwarf - Swashbuckler, Dwarf - Warpriest, Elf - Arcanist, Elf - Bloodrager, Elf - Brawler, Elf - Hunter, Elf - Investigator, Elf - Shaman, Elf - Skald, Elf - Slayer, Elf - Swashbuckler, Elf - Warpriest, Gnome - Arcanist, Gnome - Bloodrager, Gnome - Brawler, Gnome - Hunter, Gnome - Investigator, Gnome - Shaman, Gnome - Skald, Gnome - Slayer, Gnome - Swashbuckler, Gnome - Warpriest, Half-Elf - Arcanist, Half-Elf - Bloodrager, Half-Elf - Brawler, Half-Elf - Hunter, Half-Elf - Investigator, Half-Elf - Shaman, Half-Elf - Skald, Half-Elf - Slayer, Half-Elf - Swashbuckler, Half-Elf - Warpriest, Halfling - Arcanist, Halfling - Bloodrager, Halfling - Brawler, Halfling - Hunter, Halfling - Investigator, Halfling - Shaman, Halfling - Skald, Halfling - Slayer, Halfling - Swashbuckler, Halfling - Warpriest, Half-Orc - Arcanist, Half-Orc - Bloodrager, Half-Orc - Brawler, Half-Orc - Hunter, Half-Orc - Investigator, Half-Orc - Shaman, Half-Orc - Skald, Half-Orc - Slayer, Half-Orc - Swashbuckler, Half-Orc - Warpriest, Human - Arcanist, Human - Bloodrager, Human - Brawler, Human - Hunter, Human - Investigator, Human - Shaman, Human - Skald, Human - Slayer, Human - Swashbuckler, Human - Warpriest

Shaman Hexes [13]

Chant, Charm, Evil Eye, Fetish, Fortune, Fury, Healing, Misfortune, Secret, Shapeshift, Tongues, Ward, Witch Hex

Shaman Spirits [10]

Battle, Bones, Flame, Heavens, Life, Lore, Nature, Stone, Waves, Wind

Slayer Talents [11]

Assassinate, Deadly Range, Foil Scrutiny, Poison Use, Ranger Combat Style, Rogue and Ninja Advanced Talents, Rogue Talent, Slayer Camouflage, Slowing Strike, Trapfinding, Woodland Stride

Spells [134]

Adhesive Blood, Adhesive Spittle, Adjustable Disguise, Adjustable Polymorph, Aggressive Thundercloud, Aggressive Thundercloud, Greater, Air Geyser, Air Step, Align Weapon, Communal, Alter Musical Instrument, Anchored Step, Animal Purpose Training, Anonymous Interaction, Anti-Incorporeal Shell, Aura Sight, Banshee Blast, Barrow Haze, Beastspeak, Bestow Auras, Blade Lash, Blazing Rainbow, Blessed Fist, Bloatbomb, Blood Armor, Blood Sentinel, Blurred Movement, Body Capacitance, Bullet Ward, Buoyancy, Chameleon Stride, Greater, Climbing Beanstalk, Companion Life Link, Contingent Action, Contingent Scroll, Creeping Ice, Crimson Confession, Curse of Burning Sleep, Dimensional Bounce, Disable Construct, Discern Next of Kin, Disguise Weapon, Enchantment Foil, Enemy Insight, Euphoric Cloud, Extreme Flexibility, Eyes of the Void, Fairy Ring Retreat, Familiar Double, Feast on Fear, Flaming Sphere, Greater, Flexible Fury, Focused Scrutiny, Font of Spirit Magic, Gentle Breeze, Glue Seal, Guardian of Faith, Heart of the Metal, Heightened Awareness, Heightened Reflexes, Hex Glyph, Hex Glyph, Greater, Hex Vulnerability, Holy Ice Weapon, Investigative Mind, Invisibility Alarm, Life Pact, Line in the Sand, Long Arm, Longstrider, Greater, Magnifying Chime, Mantle of Calm, Marching Chant, Mark of Obvious Ethics, Memorize Page, Mindlocked Messenger, Mirror Hideaway, Mirror Polish, Mirror Transport, Molten Orb, Monkey Fish, Muffle Sound, Nauseating Dart, Nauseating Trail, Path of Glory, Path of Glory, Greater, Persistent Vigor, Phantom Blood, Pierce Disguise, Planeslayer's Call, Polymorph Familiar, Refine Improvised Weapon, Repair Undead, Repair Undead, Mass, River Whip, Sense Spirit Magic, Shield Companion (ACG), Shield of Fortification, Shield of Fortification, Greater, Sickening Entanglement, Silent Table, Silver Darts, Slowing Mud, Sonic Form, Sonic Scream, Speak with Haunt, Spellcrash, Spellcrash, Greater, Spellcrash, Lesser, Stench of Prey, Stone Discus, Stricken Heart, Stunning Barrier, Stunning Barrier, Greater, Sunder Breaker, Sundering Shards, Symbol of Laughter, Thorn Javelin, Thorny Entanglement, Thunderstomp, Thunderstomp, Greater, Time Shudder, Triggered Suggestion, Twilight Haze, Unbearable Brightness, Unholy Ice Weapon, Unliving Rage, Vampiric Shadow Shield, Wall of Blindness/Deafness, Wall of Nausea, Wave Shield, Whip of Ants, Whip of Centipedes, Whip of Spiders, Widen Auras

Swashbuckler Deeds [19]

Bleeding Wound, Cheat Death, Deadly Stab, Derring-Do, Dizzying Defense, Dodging Panache, Evasive, Kip-Up, Menacing Swordplay, Opportune Parry and Riposte, Perfect Thrust, Precise Strike, Stunning Stab, Subtle Blade, Superior Feint, Swashbuckler Initiative, Swashbuckler's Edge, Swashbuckler's Grace, Targeted Strike

Warpriest Blessings [33]

Air, Animal, Artifice, Chaos, Charm, Community, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Magic, Nobility, Plant, Protection, Repose, Rune, Strength, Sun, Travel, Trickery, War, Water, Weather