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Styx sap

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 145
Price 2,600 gp; Weight
Type contact; Save Fortitude DC 18
Onset 1d4 minutes; Frequency 1/10 minutes for 60 minutes
Effect 1d4 Wis damage, and the creature loses its memories from the past 10 minutes, as though they had been erased by the spell modify memory
Cure 1 save


This milky-white sap can be harvested from a rare jungle tree known as a “weeping maiden” in the local tongue. The tree’s branches end in long, vine-like tendrils that hang low to the ground and bear large, bitter-tasting red fruit. While the fruit is safe to eat, the sap of the tree carries powerful neurotoxins that cause short-term memory loss in those that consume it. In some cultures, styx sap is occasionally taken deliberately in order to allow one to forget unpleasant or tragic events.