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Liquid persuasion

Source Alchemy Manual pg. 9
Price 120 gp; Weight
Type ingested; Save Fortitude DC 11
Onset 10 minutes; Frequency 1/minute for 5 minutes
Effect 1 Wis damage, and for the duration of the poison, the next time the victim’s attitude toward another creature would shift one or more steps toward helpful as a result of a successful Diplomacy or Intimidate check or other effect, the victim’s attitude also shifts one additional step. For example, if the victim’s attitude would shift from indifferent to friendly (one step better), it shifts to helpful instead (two steps better)
Cure 1 save

Alchemical Recipe

Recipe (20 dew of lunary + 20 quicksilver + 80 spirit of wine)/distillation; Craft DC 11
Time 1 day; Tools retort; Type poison