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Liquid leprosy

Source Antihero's Handbook pg. 29
Price 750 gp; Weight
Type contact; Save Fortitude DC 20
Onset 1 minute; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Effect Each time the target fails its saving throw, part of his body begins to necrotize. Roll d% on the table below to determine which part of the body starts rotting. Each necrotizing effect stacks with the others but not with itself; if the same effect is rolled more than once, choose a new effect that hasn’t been rolled yet from on the table
1-30Hands, 2 Dex damage
31-60Arms, 2 Str damage
61-95Torso, 2 Con damage
96-100Brain, 2 Int and 2 Wis damage

Cure 2 saves