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Dream crystal toxin

Source Doom Comes to Dustpawn pg. 18
Price 2,500 gp; Weight
Type ingested or injury; Save Willpower DC 20
Frequency 1/hour for 6 hours
Effect 1d2 Int drain (a creature currently suffering the curse of bestial dreams transforms into an id mutant once its Intelligence is reduced by 6 points or reaches a score of 1, whichever comes first)
Cure 3 consecutive saves


This supernatural toxin exists either in powdered form or, if mixed with an alchemically prepared solution of blood and magical reagents, as a sticky paste. The primary ingredient is a dream crystal whose stored dreams have been corrupted by otherworldly powers into nightmarish energies—a single crystal yields 1 dose of toxin. On Golarion, only the few dream crystals that remain in the crashed Lirgen’s Glory can be used to create more of this toxin, but if the Emissary from Beyond establishes a domain in Dustpawn, it can create more dream crystals, given time. Dream crystal toxin introduced in significant quantities to a water supply dilutes the venom so that any who drink the water suffer a lesser version of its effects—see the curse of bestial dreams on page 4 for details. In any event, dream crystal toxin counts as both a poison and a curse for determining what can negate its effects. A creature must be immune to both poison and curses to be immune to dream crystal toxin.