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Confabulation powder

Source Alchemy Manual pg. 11
Price 80 gp; Weight
Type inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 18
Frequency 1/minute for 2 minutes
Initial Effect staggered for 1 minute; Secondary Effect If already staggered, stunned, or unconscious, the victim becomes highly suggestible. If an event (whether true or false) is described to him, he unconsciously fabricates a detailed memory of the event, filling in any gaps in the description with his own best guesses. The confabulated memory can be disbelieved with a successful DC 18 Will save the first time it is recalled, but if the save fails, the victim treats it as completely genuine thereafter. All confabulated memories can be removed with a restoration or heal spell
Cure 1 save

Alchemical Recipe

Recipe (20 quicksilver + 15 cytillesh spores)/digestion; Craft DC 18
Time 1 day; Tools heat source; Type poison