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Bloodbrain Venom

Source Pathfinder #118: Siege of Stone pg. 16
Price 400 gp; Weight
Type injury; Save Fortitude DC 17
Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds
Initial Effect 1d6 Str damage and scented for 10 minutes; Secondary Effect 1d3 Str damage
Cure 1 save


The morlock creepers brew a potent and fragrant poison harvested from the bright red sap of brainshaped mushrooms that flourish in the lower caverns. Creatures struck by the poisoned darts are marked with a pungent fungal aroma for 10 minutes, even if they succeed at their Fortitude save. The scent is particularly potent to morlocks, allowing them to detect creatures tainted by it with their scent ability at a range of 100 feet even in the still air of the caves. The smell can be scrubbed off as a full round action with an alkalai substance, such as milk or soap.

One dose of bloodbrain venom costs 400 gp.