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Source Bestiary 6 pg. 302
A blight is an evil and intelligent ooze that infects entire ecosystems. Unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry, blights have the following traits.
  • Immunity to acid, in addition to typical ooze immunities.
  • Favored Terrain (Ex): A blight favors a specific type of terrain. Within its favored terrain, a blight gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and on Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks. A blight in its favored terrain leaves no trail and cannot be tracked (although it can choose to leave a trail). Outside of its favored terrain, a blight loses access to its domain of evil, rejuvenation, spell-like abilities, and telepathy; it also gains the staggered condition.
  • Cursed Domain (Su): Blights are living epicenters for domains of evil (Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures 159). Once per year, a blight may infuse an area of its favored terrain, transforming it into a domain of evil with a radius of 5 miles (this effect does not extend beyond the natural border of the terrain). The epicenter of the domain can be identified via detect evil, for it radiates an aura of overwhelming evil in a 10-foot-radius. The epicenter of a blight’s domain may be targeted by a remove curse effect to temporarily lift this affliction. The DC to remove a blight’s cursed domain is equal to 10 + 1/2 the blight’s Hit Dice + its Charisma modifier. If successful, the remove curse effect suppresses the domain of evil for 1 hour per caster level, during which time the associated blight becomes sickened. The cursed domains of multiple blights can overlap, but the effects do not stack—this simply makes it more difficult to remove the curse effect since there are multiple epicenters. Since all blights have at least 10 Hit Dice, these domains of evil always become strongly evil-aligned. A blight’s cursed domain has open borders, and creatures can freely enter and leave. Unlike the typical domains of evil, animals are not particularly unsettled by a blight’s domain of evil. While magic and time are not affected in this cursed domain, each blight infuses the domain with a specific hazard, as detailed in the blight’s entry.
  • Rejuvenation (Su): If a blight is slain within its cursed terrain, a new blight of the same type spontaneously forms in 1d10 days at the epicenter of the blight’s cursed domain unless the blight’s corpse is targeted with a remove curse spell (DC = 10 + the blight’s Hit Dice).
  • Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): Once a blight establishes a cursed domain, it gains the ability to use a small suite of spell-like abilities to issue commands to plants and animals within its domain. Once per day, a blight with a cursed domain can use the following spell-like abilities, once per day each, while within its domain: blight, command plants, dominate monster (animals and magical beasts only), greater curse terrain, and hallucinatory terrain. In addition, each type of blight gains an additional spell-like ability unique to its terrain, as indicated in the blight’s stat block. A blight’s caster level for these spell-like abilities always equals its CR.
  • Telepathy (Su): Blights can communicate telepathically with any intelligent creature within their domain.
  • Vision (Ex): Unlike most oozes, blights have eyes and can see normally. In addition, all blights have blindsight to a range of 120 feet.