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Ubashki, Ubashki Lynx6undeadtemperate or warm deserts
Ubashki, Ubashki Swarm2undead (swarm)warm deserts
Umasi4monstrous humanoidtropical jungle
Umbral Shepherd5outsider (incorporeal)any (Plane of Shadow)
Umdhlebi12planttropical forests and jungles
Undead Pirate, Draugr Captain4undead (water)any oceans or coastlines
Undead Pirate, Draugr Pirate3undead (water)any oceans or coastlines
Undead Pirate, Ghost Captain7undead (augmented humanoid, incorporeal)any oceans or coastlines
Undine1/2outsider (native)any land
Unfettered Phantom4outsider (phantom)any (Ethereal Plane or Material Plane)
Unicorn3magical beasttemperate forests
Unknown11fey (augmented humanoid)any urban
Uraeus5magical beastwarm rivers
Urannag8construct (extraplanar) any swamp
Urdefhan3outsider (native)any land (Abaddon)
Urdefhan, Half-Fiend Scion15outsider (native)any land (Abaddon)
Urdefhan, Orvian Necromancer12outsider (native)any land (Abaddon)
Urdefhan, Sightless Sea Sailor4outsider (native)any land (Abaddon)
Urdefhan, Skaveling Rider10outsider (native)any land (Abaddon)
Ursikka10magical beast any cold land