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Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 274
Heralds are a special class of unique, godly servants. With few exceptions, each of Golarion’s deities has its own herald, a favored minion that serves as a messenger and emissary throughout the planes. Creatures of myth, the heralds’ interventions on the Material Plane mark lives and are events of legend.

Heralds are unique outsiders of approximately CR 15 with 18 or fewer Hit Dice, making them available for summons via greater planar ally. Only a deity’s worshipers can summon its herald; thus, even the most powerful worshiper of Sarenrae can never summon the herald of Iomedae. In addition, only divine spellcasters can summon heralds, preventing arcane casters and spells like planar binding from effectively calling upon such beings. Even if a character proves powerful enough to call out to a herald, a deity has the final say in whether or not its emissary answers a worshiper’s summons, granting its herald’s service only to followers in the most extreme need or whose acts directly further its will.

Herald Subtype: Heralds are unique representatives of their respective gods and sometimes have a specific outsider subtype such as “devil” or “psychopomp” that grants it additional abilities. A herald has the following traits.
  • Always Armed (Su) Heralds can summon their signature weapon as a standard action. If its herald doesn’t have a signature weapon, it can summon any nonmagical weapon as a standard action (including adamantine, etc.); the weapon disappears if it leaves the herald’s grasp.
  • Emissary (Ex) Heralds can always be summoned by the faithful using greater planar ally or gate, regardless of limitations of that spell, even if it’s not an outsider.


Arcanotheign (CR 15), Basileus (CR 15), End's Voice (CR 15), Gravedragger (CR 15), Great Elder Iuu (CR 15), Hand of the Inheritor (CR 15), Latten Mechanism (CR 15), Lawgiver (CR 15), Lawgiver (CR 15), Mother’s Maw (CR 15), Mother's Maw (CR 15), Night Monarch (CR 15), Night Monarch (CR 15), Personification of Fury (CR 15), Steward of the Skein (CR 15), Sunlord Thalachos (CR 15), Tarrasque (CR 25), Thais (CR 15), The First Blade (CR 15), The Grand Defender (CR 15), The Grim White Stag (CR 15), The Menotherian (CR 15), The Old Man (CR 15), The Prince in Chains (CR 15), The Prince in Chains (CR 15), The Spirit of Adoration (CR 15), The Stabbing Beast (CR 15), Yethazmari (CR 15), Yethazmari (CR 15)