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Metamagic Rods | Other Rods


Wracking Rod2,250 gp
Rod of the Thriceborn (lesser)2,500 gp
Rod of Giant Summoning (lesser)3,000 gp
Aerialist's Rod3,200 gp
Chastising Baton5,000 gp
Immovable Rod5,000 gp
Refocusing Rod5,000 gp
Utilitarian Rod5,000 gp
Recondite Rod (lesser)5,000 gp
Rod of Thunderous Force5,400 gp
Rod of the Thriceborn (normal)6,500 gp
Backbiter's Focus7,800 gp
Rod of Mortared Walls8,000 gp
Crypt Rod8,500 gp
Rod of Ice8,500 gp
Inviolate Marker10,000 gp
Rod of Writhing10,000 gp
Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection10,500 gp
Rod of Cancellation11,000 gp
Rod of Grasping Hexes11,000 gp
Rod of Interminable Hexes11,000 gp
Rod of Giant Summoning (normal)11,000 gp
Rod of Burning Blood11,050 gp
Conduit Rod12,000 gp
Grounding Rod12,000 gp
Rod of Spellsight12,000 gp
Rod of the Wayang12,000 gp
Rod of Wonder12,000 gp
Rod of Animal Training12,300 gp
Rod of Subtle Menace12,305 gp
Rod of the Python13,000 gp
Trap-Stealer's Rod13,500 gp
Rod of the Uraeus14,400 gp
Rod of Balance15,000 gp
Rod of Escape15,000 gp
Rod of Flame Extinguishing15,000 gp
Rod of Gripping Smoke15,000 gp
Rod of Ruin16,000 gp
Sapling Rod16,650 gp
Scepter of Divine Providence17,312 gp
Rod of Beguiling18,000 gp
Rod of Nettles18,000 gp
Rod of Tangling Ectoplasm18,000 gp
Recondite Rod (normal)18,000 gp
Waterblight Scepter18,312 gp
Rod of the Viper19,000 gp
Rod of the Thriceborn (greater)19,500 gp
Rod of Minor Curses20,000 gp
Rod of the Devoured Dawn20,000 gp
Rod of the River Serpent20,000 gp
Suzerain Scepter20,000 gp
Fiery Nimbus Rod22,305 gp
Rod of Malrion22,400 gp
Rod of Enemy Detection23,500 gp
Famine Rod24,000 gp
Rod of Giant Summoning (greater)24,500 gp
Overflowing Rod25,000 gp
Rod of Perilous Pits25,000 gp
Rod of Splendor25,000 gp
Rod of the Alicorn25,000 gp
Rod of Withering25,000 gp
Rod of Vicious Ghosts26,000 gp
Fossilizing Rod26,400 gp
Earthbind Rod26,500 gp
Pyroclastic Spike28,000 gp
Rod of the Aboleth29,000 gp
Liberator's Rod30,000 gp
Rod of Hindered Healing30,000 gp
Witching Rod31,000 gp
Rod of Voracious Hexes32,500 gp
Rod of Thunder and Lightning33,000 gp
Booming Scepter34,000 gp
Rod of Delumination35,000 gp
Rod of Negation37,000 gp
Rod of Steadfast Resolve38,305 gp
Ivory Baton40,000 gp
Recondite Rod (greater)40,500 gp
Coldwarp Key45,700 gp
Fool's Scepter50,000 gp
Forked Rod50,000 gp
Rod of Absorption50,000 gp
Rod of Flailing50,000 gp
Rod of Potent Hexes54,000 gp
Gravitic Force Rod60,000 gp
Rod of Rulership60,000 gp
Rod of Security61,000 gp
Rod of Well-Deserved Rest62,000 gp
Rod of Shadows64,305 gp
Rod of Razors65,000 gp
Rod of Mind Mastery67,000 gp
Rod of Lordly Might70,000 gp
Scepter of Heaven74,000 gp
Rod of Abrupt Hexes75,500 gp
Lava Rod80,000 gp
Nightmare Rod80,000 gp
Rod of Dwarven Might80,000 gp
Rod of Revolution82,000 gp
Rod of Alertness85,000 gp
Dolorous Rod120,000 gp
Hollow Rod121,500 gp
Caduceus Rod142,000 gp
Scepter of the Arclords200,000 gp