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Moral Insanity

Source Horror Adventures pg. 187, GameMastery Guide pg. 251
Type greater madness; Save DC 22
Onset 3d6 days
Effect The afflicted character’s alignment shifts to evil, and he gains a +10 competence bonus on Bluff checks to hide this madness. Once per day, the afflicted character can attempt a Will saving throw to suppress this effect for 24 hours.
Dormancy Effect None


This complex madness fills the afflicted character with hatred for the world and a detached feeling about others, as if they were nothing more than pawns for the afflicted character’s own uses. A character afflicted by moral insanity might plot the demise of friends and enemies alike, but always with the goal of avoiding blame or consequences and enabling him to continue to feed his dark desires. The impact of moral insanity must be roleplayed, although not all players may find it fun or interesting to play such a character. In such cases, the GM should assume control of the character whenever the madness is dominant. Evil characters can’t gain this madness.