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Dissociated Identity

Source Horror Adventures pg. 187, GameMastery Guide pg. 251
Type greater madness; Save DC 20
Onset 2d6 days
Effect –6 penalty on Will saving throws and Wisdom-based checks, and disassociated identities (see below)
Dormancy Effect –2 penalty on Will saving throws and Wisdom-based checks


This is a complicated affliction that manifests as two or more distinct and different personalities in the same mind. The number of personalities is up to the GM, as is the nature of the personalities. Should the affliction worsen in some way (such as by gaining dissociated identity again), the number of additional personalities might increase as well.

Each morning upon waking and each time the afflicted character is revived from unconsciousness, she must succeed at a Will save, or one of the character’s other personalities takes hold. If the afflicted character has more than one personality because of this madness, the manifested personality is either randomly chosen or chosen by the GM. If the afflicted character succeeds at all her saving throws against manifesting alternate personalities for 3 consecutive days, there is a 10% cumulative chance each night thereafter that another personality takes control during the character’s sleep, returning to bed afterwards and leaving the character with less sleep than expected; if the afflicted character fails a saving throw, the cumulative chance resets. The afflicted character’s memories, skills, and other abilities are unaffected by the personality shift, but typically the various personalities have no knowledge of each other and will deny, often violently, that the other personalities exist.