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Springal, rocket

Source Ultimate Combat pg. 163


Cost 6,000 gp Weight
Damage 3d10; Critical x4; Range 100 ft. (50 ft. min.); Type fire
Crew 3; Aim 2; Load 3; Speed 0 ft.
Category Indirect-Fire (Huge); Proficiency Siege Engine


A springal uses a torsion-cranked composite paddle to strike a firing rack containing multiple arrows or black-powder-propelled rockets, which rain down in an arc over a burst area. Springals are indirect-fire weapons that affect an area centered on the target square (targeting DC 20).

Arrow: This springal propels a group of arrows that rains down on the targeted square and in a 15-foot burst around that square. One use of arrow springal ammunition costs 20 gp and weighs 10 pounds.

Rocket: This highly volatile springal propels a group of black-powder rockets that rain down on the targeted square and in a 15-foot burst around the area. If the rocket springal misfires, it explodes, dealing its damage in a 20- foot blast around the springal. This explosion destroys the rocket springal. One use of rocket springal ammunition costs 500 gp and weighs 30 pounds.