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Snag net

Source Ranged Tactics Toolbox pg. 33, Advanced Race Guide pg. 201, Ultimate Equipment pg. 21


Cost 30 gp Weight 10 lbs.
Damage — (small), — (medium); Critical —; Range 10 ft.; Type P; Special trip, see text
Category Ranged; Proficiency Exotic
Weapon Groups Thrown


This short, wide net is covered in barbed loops and slipknots. It works like a typical net, except it has the trip weapon special feature. If you entangle an opponent and hold the trailing rope, on your turn in place of a melee attack you may make a combat maneuver check to trip against that opponent; if you succeed, you may trip your opponent or deal 1 point of piercing damage to it. The concentration DC to cast while entangled in a snag net is 17 + the spell’s level. The Escape Artist DC to escape a snag net is 22.