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Source People of the Stars pg. 27
Price 2,000 gp (x10), 8,000 gp (x250), 4,000 gp (x50); Weight 12 lbs. (x10), 44 lbs. (x250), 23 lbs. (x50)


This basic, semi-portable telescope allows the user to see greater detail on very distant objects. Telescopes can be built to a variety of specifications, but those most often used by adventuring stargazers are listed here. A telescope grants the listed circumstance bonus on Perception checks to discern celestial bodies and on Knowledge (geography) checks to learn about the planets when used at night.

A telescope can be used to look at either terrestrial or celestial objects. Distance penalties on Perception checks for viewing objects through the telescope are divided by the telescope’s magnification. Assembling, disassembling, or significantly moving a telescope takes 1 minute.

MagnificationCircumstance Bonus