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Riding rat

Source Monster Codex pg. 177
Price 75 gp (combat trained), 50 gp (common); Weight 50 lbs. (combat trained), 50 lbs. (common)


Horses, ponies, and other draft animals are ill-suited to living underground for long stretches, so the ratfolk bred a particularly strong type of dire rat to assist in pulling their wagons and serving as mounts for caravan scouts. As rodents, riding rats respond favorably to ratfolk’s commands, and the animals’ hardiness and omnivorous diet make them very easy to care for even on long journeys through inhospitable terrain. Use the statistics for a dire rat with the giant simple template (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 232, 295). A ratfolk with the animal companion, mount, or similar class feature can select a riding rat as her mount.