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Quick-change outfit

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 234
Price varies; Weight 5 lbs.
Category Adventuring Gear


A quick-change outfit is actually two different sets of attire sewn together, one inside the other. The quick-change outfit allows the wearer to rapidly change from one outfit into another by reversing (pulling inside out) the entire outfit. It takes a fullround action to slip out of the quick-change outfit, reverse it, and put it back on. The two different outfits can appear to be of any variety, such as a noble’s outfit on one side and a monk’s outfit on the other. The appearance is only superficial, so the outfits do not grant any special bonuses (such as a cold-weather outfit’s benefits against exposure to cold). Anyone paying particular attention to the outfit can notice discrepancies (such as odd seams and unusually thick padding) with a successful DC 20 Perception check. The outfit’s price is equal to double the price of the more expensive of the two outfits it mimics.