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Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 57, Pirates of the Inner Sea pg. 21, Adventurer's Armory pg. 19
Price 10 gp (arm), 1 gp (foot), 1 gp (hand), 20 gp (leg); Weight 3 lbs. (arm), 2 lbs. (foot), 1 lb. (hand), 6 lbs. (leg)


People who lose hands, arms, legs, or feet in combat sometimes replace them with prosthetics: realistic simulations of their missing limbs. Usually carved of wood and painted to match the wearer’s skin tone, these items have limited functionality, allowing a legless person to walk at half speed, or enabling an armless person to hold a shield in a fixed position, but little more. Clever individuals have been known to create small compartments in their prosthetics, just large enough to hold very small objects. A prosthetic hand or foot can hold an item with negligible weight, while a prosthetic limb can hold up to 1 or 2 pounds.