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Source Dungeoneer's Handbook pg. 24
Price 12 gp (merchant's), 225 gp (noble's); Weight 1/2 lb. (merchant's), 1/2 lb. (noble's)


A pomander is a waxy concoction of resin, flower essence, powdered spices, musk, and ambergris in a walnut-sized cage and hung by a chain from the neck, a belt, or a bracelet. Merchants and adventurers often use pomanders caged in wood or lead, while nobles use ones cased in precious metals and enamel set with gems. When the pomander is carried openly, its powerful scent (Perception DC 0 to notice) fortifies the senses against unpleasant sensations. Anyone within 10 feet of a pomander gains a +2 resistance bonus on Fortitude saves against effects that nauseate or sicken, but suffers a –4 penalty on Perception checks made to detect scents other than the pomander’s.

A noble’s pomander also overpowers the wearer’s own scent; the DC to track him by his own odor increases by 5, but attempts to track him by the pomander’s odor have the DC reduced by 5. Regardless of the type, a pomander becomes ineffective after 1d4 weeks of exposure to air, although storing it in an airtight container can extend its lifespan.