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Holy warrior package

Source Adventurer's Armory 2 pg. 4
Price 1000 gp; Weight 102 lbs.
Category Kits


The holy warrior is prepared to use her might and zeal to take the fight to the enemy, but she understands the importance of having the right equipment to overcome the resistances of her monstrous foes. This equipment package is well-suited to a cleric, inquisitorAPG, paladin, warpriestACG, or even a fighter with a religious background. It’s especially suited to characters who focus on supporting their party members and making them more effective in a fight. Even more than with other equipment packages, the GM should consider substituting the masterwork longsword in this package with a masterwork melee weapon appropriate to the PC’s faith. If the PC can cast spells, add a spell component pouch.
Armor: Heavy steel shield, masterwork breastplate.
Weapons: Cold iron morningstar, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts, masterwork longsword.
Combat Gear: Alchemist’s fire (3), holy water (4), oil of bless weapon, potions of cure light wounds (2), potion of protection from evil, sunrods (3).
Other Gear: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candles (5), chalk (5 pieces), crowbar, flint and steel, holy symbol (silver), mess kitUE, sack, silk rope (50 ft.), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, 7 gp.
Total Weight: 102 lbs. (57-1/4 lbs. for a Small character).