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Dire bat

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 81, Advanced Race Guide pg. 105
Price 220 gp (common), 300 gp (riding), 450 gp (riding, combat trained); Weight — (common), 400 lbs. (riding), 450 lbs. (riding, combat trained)


Description from "Dire Animals" section of Animal Archive, page 15.
These feral beasts are all but untamable, and are typically only sought out by violent brawlers or cruel lords, either for brutish protection or to pit against equally vicious creatures in violent animal fights. At the GM’s discretion, PCs who acquire dire animals may be required to attempt wild empathy or Handle Animal checks every day to keep their pets from running away or attacking them and their allies. Dire animals are not generally suitable as mounts, though the GM may make exceptions at her discretion.Considered to be the fastest nonmagical transport in cavernous underground realms, dire bats (Bestiary 30) are domesticated in captivity to serve as riding animals. Stables that accommodate these massive creatures are only commonly found in cities built in larger underground caverns, owing to the greater space required for training and exercise, though the outriders of some subterranean races fly them almost to the surface. These creatures require exotic saddles to ride.