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Cobbled item

Source Goblins of Golarion pg. 12
Price Special; Weight Special
Category Adventuring Gear


Goblins are masters at crafting things from bits of rubbish. The category of “cobbled item” is a general catchall to describe any piece of equipment that has been repaired or modified by goblins. Such items are of an inferior quality—whenever they’re used as part of a skill check or attack roll, they have a 10% chance of being broken. Cobbled items can never be masterwork items. A cobbled item is of lesser quality than a normal item, and thus costs only 75% as much as the normal item, but is often much bulkier. Any cobbled item of 1 pound or more in weight actually weighs twice as much as a normal item of its type. Any item that normally costs more than 50 gp can never be a cobbled item, nor can alchemical items be cobbled. At the GM’s discretion, other items may not be able to be cobbled items either.