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Treasure Chest

Source Pirates of the Inner Sea pg. 21
Price 37 gp Chest (huge treasure), 15 gp Chest (large treasure), 7 gp Chest (medium treasure), 3 gp Chest (small treasure); Weight 250 lbs. Chest (huge treasure), 100 lbs. Chest (large treasure), 50 lbs. Chest (medium treasure), 25 lbs. Chest (small treasure)


A treasure chest begins as a common wooden chest, and is then treated with resin to make the wood water-resistant. Metal bands, usually bronze to prevent rusting, are strapped around the treasure chest for extra reinforcement, and the lock is also made of bronze. A treasure chest uses the statistics of an ordinary wooden chest, but its hit points increase by 25% and its Break DC increases by 2. Treasure chests stand up better to water travel and to being buried than ordinary chests.