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Casting plaster

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 103, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 184
Price 5 sp; Weight 5 lbs.
Category Alchemical Tools


This white, dry powder mixes with water to form a paste, which hardens over the course of an hour to create a solid material. It can be used to make casts of footprints or carvings, fill in gaps or cracks in walls, or (if applied over a cloth wrapping) create a cast for a broken bone. Hardened plaster has hardness 1 and 5 hit points per inch of thickness. A 5-pound clay pot of plaster can cover about 5 square feet of flat space to a depth of 1 inch, five Medium forearm or lower-leg casts, two Medium full-arm or full-leg casts, or twice as many casts for a Small creature.


Craft (Alchemy) DC 25