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Source Alchemy Manual pg. 19
Price 5 cp; Weight
Category Alchemical Tools


Bunk is a slang term for fillers used to dilute drugs that are proffered as pure-grade narcotics. A drug mixed with bunk is less potent; its effects last 1d6 × 10 minutes for each hour they would normally last. The presence of bunk can be detected with a successful Craft (alchemy) check (DC equal to the drug manufacturer’s Craft [alchemy] check – 10).

The duration and intensity of the drug’s harmful aftereffects and ability damage are not reduced, as the additives in bunk are often toxic or dangerous in their own right. When a creature takes a dose of a drug containing bunk, the creature must attempt a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1d10). Failure causes the creature to become sickened for 1d4 hours and take 1d2 points of ability damage to a random ability score.

Alchemical Recipe

Recipe (1 salt + 1 urea)/filtration; Craft 15
Time 10 minutes; Tools filter; Type alchemical tool