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Anchoring balloon

Source People of the Stars pg. 19
Price 300 gp; Weight 25 lbs.
Category Tools


An anchoring balloon is a single-use alchemical device designed to provide a standing platform on a gaseous planet. When a cord is pulled as a standard action, an alchemical reaction fills the balloon with hydrogen gas almost instantly. Twenty-foot-long ropes attach the balloon to a lightweight, collapsible 10-foot-square steel basket with 5-foot-high sides. The inflated balloon is a Gargantuan object. Although it moves with the wind horizontally, the basket maintains its initial altitude to within a few feet so long as its load is less than 2,000 pounds (divided by the planet’s gravity multiplier). Beyond that weight limit, the balloon may sink or the basket may break (at the GM’s discretion). The balloon remains inflated for 24 hours before its seals fail.