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Endless Night

Source Horror Adventures pg. 143
Type regional curse; Save Will DC 22
Effect Nonmagical light and magical light sources that produce normal light create only dim light in the cursed area, and even direct sunlight leads to only an ambient dim light in the area (similar to a full moon). Twilight and night are always dark. Creatures harmed or weakened by daylight can move about during the day in this area and the only impairment they take from the dimmed sunlight is that they become dazzled in its area. Plant growth in the area is stunted, as per the stunt growth usage of diminish plants. Any spellcaster attempting to cast daylight or a spell that creates true daylight or bright light in the area fails unless she succeeds at a Will saving throw against the curse. Success leads to normal light, rather than bright light.
Cure An endless night can be lifted only by successfully casting remove curse followed by sunburst at noon on a clear day.