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Bard Archetypes

Animal SpeakerFascinate; Well-Versed; Inspire Competence; Suggestion; Mass SuggestionAn animal speaker focuses not on the ears and minds of humans, but on the creatures of the wild and those in the underbellies of cities.
Arcane DuelistCountersong; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore Master; Jack of all TradesA master of the martial applications of steel and spell, the arcane duelist blends both into a lethal combination.
Arcane HealerVersatile Performance; LoremasterThough bards may have different reasons for wanting to heal the sick and injured, both out of pure altruism and in order to keep adventuring companions safe, the ability to heal also makes it much easier for a bard to pose as a cleric or other divine healer, opening the door for a wide array of swindles and scams.
ArchaeologistBardic Performance; Versatile Performance; Well-VersedNo stodgy researcher, this archaeologist meets his research head-on in the field.
ArchivistInspire Courage; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore Master; Jack of all TradesSome bards greatly prefer academic pursuits to the drama (and sometimes melodrama) of their artistic brethren.
Argent VoiceFascinate; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Versatile PerformanceArgent voices are agents of the Silver Ravens that dedicate themselves to the study of the magical performance are known as the "Song of Silver".
Arrowsong MinstrelWeapon Proficiency; Spellcasting; Bardic Knowledge; Dirge of Doom; Distraction; Fascinate; Inspire Competence; Lore Master; Soothing PerformanceArrowsong minstrels combine the elven traditions of archery, song, and spellcasting into a seamless harmony of dazzling magical effects.
Averaka ArbiterInspire Competence; Dirge of Doom; Versatile Performance; Well-VersedSome Averakan bards make it their mission to unify their fellow half-orcs, and are equally skilled at helping allies defeat common enemies and at building a new civilization that reflects their unique identity.
Brazen DeceiverCountersong; Distraction; Bardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Versatile Performance; Lore MasterWhere other thieves use stealth or intimidation to achieve their goals, the brazen deceiver depends on lies backed by powerful shadow magic.
BuccaneerBardic Knowledge; Suggestion; Lore Master; Mass SuggestionA buccaneer is a pirate who specializes in raiding ships and port towns, but who leaves his victims alive whenever possible.
BuskerBardic PerformanceA busker uses his dazzling physical stunts to get by on his own in the city streets.
CelebrityInspire Courage; Lore Master; Dirge of DoomKnown for being known, a celebrity bard is a master of performance who captures the imagination and attention of his audience.
Chelish DivaBardic Knowledge, Well-Versed, Lore Master, Inspire Competence, Dirge of DoomIn their pursuit of glory, a Chelish diva seeks to prove themselves better than any upstart actor, dancer, or chorus member through magic and discipline.
Chronicler of WorldsKey Ability Score; Alignment; Bardic Knowledge; Inspire Greatness; Inspire Heroics; Well-Versed; Versatile Performance;A chronicler of worlds forsakes morality in service of understanding; she is both warrior and mystic, scholar and soldier.
Court BardInspire Courage; Inspire Competence; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Bardic Knowledge; Lore Master; Jack of all TradesThe court bard takes up the role of resplendent proclaimer and artist-in-residence at the hand of nobility, royalty, and the well-moneyed elite who aspire to join their ranks.
Court FoolBardic Knowledge; Countersong; Inspire Competence; Lore MasterThe court fool holds up an unflattering mirror to those in charge or speaks truths, however veiled, that no one else can safely utter.
CultivatorClass Skills; Spells; Bardic Knowledge; Countersong; Well-Versed; Lore MasterCultivators use music to promote plant growth and influence the behavior of plants both naturally and supernaturally.
DaredevilBardic Knowledge; Inspire Courage; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore MasterAs quick at wordplay as at swordplay, daredevils are dashing heroes, inspiring their allies to match their clever repartee and acrobatic feats.
Dawnflower DervishBardic Performance, Bardic Knowledge, Lore Master, Dirge of DoomMany bards of Sarenrae's faith hone their skills with dance and scimitar to become dervish dancers.
DemagogueInspire Courage +1; Lore Master; Suggestion; Mass SuggestionNot content with providing amusing and occasionally instructive performances, the demagogue seeks to inflame and ignite his audience.
Dervish DancerSuggestion; Mass Suggestion; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Performance; Bardic Knowledge; Lore Master; Versatile Performance; Soothing Performance; Deadly PerformanceNot all bards inspire others with their performances. Dervish dancers enter a near-mystical trance that allows them to push their bodies beyond normal limits.
DetectiveInspire Courage; Inspire Greatness; Inspire Heroics; Bardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Versatile PerformancePiecing together clues and catching the guilty with sheer cleverness, the detective is skilled at divining the truth.
Dirge BardJack of all Trades; Well-Versed; Versatile Performance; Lore MasterA composer of sonorous laments for the dead and elaborate requiems for those lost yet long remembered, dirge bards master musical tools and tropes that must appeal to the ears and hearts of both the living and the dead.
Disciple of the Forked TongueInspire Courage; Inspire Greatness; Versatile Performance(Vishkanya) Studied in venomous words as well as venomous blood, a disciple of the forked tongue knows just the right phrase to slowly poison the soul.
Dragon HeraldWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Bardic Knowledge; Countersong; Fascinate; Inspire Competence; Soothing Performance; Inspire Heroics; Lore Master; Jack-of-all-Trades(Kobold Only) Dragon heralds are messengers and evangelists of true dragonkind. They carry the word of their dragon patrons far and wide, whether that’s a message of peace or a declaration of war.
Dragon YapperFascinate; Dirge of Doom; Versatile Performance(Kobold Only) Kobolds’ yammering songs distract opponents in combat, hindering their ability to attack.
DuettistWell-Versed; Jack-of-all-Trades; Bardic Knowledge; Versatile Performance; Lore Master; Dirge of Doom; Frightening TuneWhether singing a delicate duo with a nightingale or slipping coins from purses while a trained monkey distracts the crowd, the duettist blends his bond to his familiar with his natural talent for performance to create amazing effects.
Dwarven ScholarKey Ability Score; Weapon and Armor Proficiencies; Versatile Performance; Inspire Courage; SuggestionA dwarven scholar researches the lineage of the kings of the old dwarven empires and learns their ancient tactics.
Faith SingerDeity; Versatile PerformanceFaith singers show their faith in their deity with songs or other appropriate performances.
Fey CourtierDirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Inspire Heroics; Versatile Performance: Inspire Competence(Gathlain) Fey who associate with courts often become bards skilled at navigating the inhuman societies of the trackless wilds.
Fey PranksterBardic Knowledge; Countersong; Inspire Courage; Dirge of Doom; Well-Versed; Lore MasterSly and mischievous like the Lantern King himself, fey pranksters learn supernatural tricks that can cause their victims to suffer mishaps and accidents.
FilidhWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Spellcasting; Inspire Courage; Suggestion; Dirge of Doom; Inspire Heroics; Deadly PerformanceBy tapping into the world’s natural music, specialized bards known as filidhs are able to see not only the tapestry of life but divine portents of the future from the rhythm of all life’s song.
First World MinstrelSpell List; Bardic Knowledge; Inspire Courage; Dirge of Doom; Well-VersedThe First World minstrel's performances channel the mysterious powers of the First World.
Flame DancerCountersong; Inspire Competence; Suggestion; Dirge of DoomA flame dancer studies the movements of fire, adding its grace to his repertoire.
FlamesingerBardic Knowledge; Lore Master; Inspire Courage; Versatile PerformanceThe flamesinger finds inspiration in the mesmerizing beauty of fire.
Fortune-TellerSpell List; Bardic Performance; Countersong; Distraction; Well-Versed; Dirge of DoomInstead of using song and dance, a fortune-teller influences people by divining their fate.
GeishaWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Bardic KnowledgeSpecially trained entertainers called geisha are praised for their appearance and skill at conversation, music, dancing, singing, poetry, and calligraphy.
Hatharat AgentBardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Dirge of DoomAlthough the Hatharat employs all manner of specialists, bards who take up the role of agent are among its most infamous and widespread.
HoaxerBardic Knowledge; Inspire Courage; Inspire Competence; Inspire Greatness; Countersong; Distraction; Inspire Greatness; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore MasterHoaxers specialize in creating valuable-looking counterfeits and infusing these false treasures with dangerous magic to make their marks more vulnerable to future swindles.
Impervious MessengerFascinate; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Bardic Knowledge; Well-Versed The impervious messenger is capable of harnessing the unique qualities of bardic magic to keep, transport, and communicate the most precious of secrets and messages.
JugglerWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Bardic Knowledge; Lore Master; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Soothing PerformanceJugglers are masters of manipulating objects, most famously by keeping multiple objects in the air simultaneously.
Lotus GeishaDifferent Weapon Proficiencies; Well-Versed; Bardic Knowledge; Lore MasterThe lotus geisha of Minkai are renowned for their powers of seduction.
Luring PiperClass Skills; Bardic Knowledge; Dirge of Doom; Soothing Performance; Well-VersedSome bards have an exceptional ability to use their musical performances to entrance the world’s wilder creatures.
MagicianInspire Courage; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Bardic Knowledge; Countersong; Well-Versed; Versatile Performance; Lore Master; Jack of all TradesA magician dabbles in performance, but sees it as a means to tap into universal energies and channel them.
Masked PerformerBardic Knowledge; Countersong; Inspire Competence; Surggestion; Mass Suggestion; Versatile Performance; Lore Master The masked performer takes on the persona represented by the likeness she wears.
Mute MusicianBardic Knowledge; Inspire Competence; Frightening Tune; Inspire Heroics; Mass Suggestion; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Jack-of-All-TradesA mute musician forswears speech for the unnatural songs and thunderous silences of the depths of space.
NegotiatorBardic Knowledge; Bardic Performance; Versatile Performance; Lore MasterNegotiators are those bards who take the skills of a performer and apply them to the realms of business and law.
PhrenologistBardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Jack-of-all-Trades; Inspire Courage; Inspire Competence; FascinateThe phrenologist is an expert at reading creatures’ skulls, and he learns to use this knowledge to his benefit.
Pitax: Academy of Grand ArtsVersatile PerformanceThose who have successfully mastered the strict curriculum of the Academy of Grand Arts.
Plant SpeakerInspire Greatness; Bardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Lore Master(Vine Leshy only) Plant speakers build upon their racial plantspeech ability and their storytelling tendencies to create an art form full of deep metaphors and allegory rather than specific details and facts.
PranksterFascinate; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Lore Master(Gnome Only) The prankster sees humor as the highest form or art, and pranks as the highest form of humor.
ProvocateurBardic Knowledge; 2nd-level Versatile Performance; Suggestion, Mass SuggestionProvocateurs are bards who use their art to make controversial political statements, undermine enemies’ reputations, and upset the status quo on a large scale.
Ringleader (AG)Bardic Performance; Well-Versed; Versatile Performance; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Soothing PerformanceRingleaders are specialists who oversee large operations in which trouble could strike at any moment and any place.
Ringleader (UI)Inspire Competence; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore MasterRingleaders are adept in getting the most out of their allies, and they excel at planning for unexpected complications in advance.
SandmanInspire Courage; Suggestion; Inspire Greatness; Inspire Heroics; Mass Suggestion; Deadly Performance; Bardic Knowledge; Versatile Performance; Inspire Competence; Lore MasterCombining performance with stealth, trickery, and guile, the sandman uses cleverness to keep others off-balance.
Savage SkaldFascinate; Suggestion; Jack of all Trades; Soothing Performance; Mass SuggestionFar from civilization, furious tribes have their own war-singers, work-chanters, and lore-keepers, savaging enemies with song and sword alike.
Sea SingerCountersong; Inspire Competence; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Bardic Knowledge; Versatile Performance; Well-VersedThe sea singer calls the blue waters his home, and is much in demand among sea captains wishing good fortune for their crew and hull as they ply the tradewinds far and wide.
Shadow PuppeteerInspire Courage; Inspire Competence(Wayang Only) A shadow puppeteer invokes amazing and terrifying shadow puppet shows, producing supernatural effects by creating and manipulating shadow.
Silver BalladeerAlignment; Suggestion; Inspire Greatness; Mass Suggestion; Well-Versed; 2nd-level Versatile PerformanceThe bright purity of silver makes beautiful music, and its vibrations are also anathema to unnatural creatures. Some bards use a mixture of silver-stringed instruments and esoteric knowledge to battle the dark forces of the world.
SolacerClass Skills; Bardic Knowledge; Lore Master; Countersong; Versatile Performance; Jack-of-All-TradesSolacers are experts in the healing arts as well as creators of performances that console the distraught, rally the stricken, raise spirits, and vanquish sorrow.
SonghealerVersatile Performance; Frightening Tune; Deadly PerformanceThe songhealer brings peace and surcease of pain, calming wild emotions and providing a balm for the wounded body.
SorrowsoulSoothing Perfrmance; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore MasterWhile most bards, on occasion, sing mournful tunes or craft elegies that depict the deepest sadness or the most profound suffering, the sorrowsoul has known tragedy and loss on a level so intimate, he has bound it to his soul.
Sound StrikerInspire Competence; SuggestionThey say that words can cut deeper than any blade, and the sound striker proves this true.
Speaker of the Palatine EyeClass Skills; Spells; Countersong; Jack-of-all-Trades speaker of the Palatine Eye influences others using his occult knowledge rather than the boisterous enthusiasm of most bards.
StonesingerSpellcasting; Bardic Performance; Countersong; Dirge of DoomStonesingers are rare bards capable of vocalizing their bardic performances through subsonic harmonies, allowing their performances to carry as subtle vibrations through stone, rather than through the air.
Street PerformerInspire Courage; Inspire Competence; Inspire Greatness; Inspire Heroics; Countersong; Bardic Knowledge; Lore MasterWhether acrobat, troubadour, or thespian, the street performer mixes with the masses, singing for his supper.
Studious LibrarianDistraction; Suggestion; Jack-of-All-Trades; Dirge of Doom; Mass Suggestion; Deadly PerformanceStudious librarians are bards that have studied long in great libraries of the Inner Sea region.
ThundercallerBardic Knowledge; Inspire Competence; Suggestion; Mass Suggestion; Dirge of Doom; Frightening TuneThundercallers bear the knowledge of the ancients, wielding it like a weapon to protect the land for which they care so deeply.
Voice of BrighFascinate; Dirge of Doom; Soothing Performance; Frightening TuneThe Whisper in Bronze sometimes sends inspiration to her favorite followers in the form of music
Voice of the WildBardic Knowledge; Countersong; Versatile Performance; Jack-of-all-Trades; Inspire Competence; Dirge of Doom; Inspire HeroicsMost bards are inspired by the art of civilization, yet the voice of the wild’s muse is the grandeur and beauty of nature.
Wasteland ChroniclerBardic Knowledge; Inspire CompetenceWasteland chroniclers explore the farthest reaches of desolate wastelands, seeking to unlock the mysteries found there and meet the inhabitants of such regions
WatersingerFascinate, Suggestion, Mass Suggestion, Inspire Competence, 5th-level Lore Master(Undine Only) The watersinger’s song reaches from the depths of his soul into the elemental waters from which life first sprang.
WitBardic Knowledge; Inspire Competence; Dirge of Doom; Frightening Tune; Versatile Performance; Lore Master; Jack-of-All-TradesThe wit is a master of clever repartee and verbal dueling, moving through noble courts like a fish through water.