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Advanced Versatile Performances

Description Source: Blood of the Beast
The charismatic kitsune have developed countless techniques for transforming even the most mundane tasks into stunning and riveting performances. These much-lauded arts have spread like wildfire with bards who perform across Golarion. Beginning at 6th level, instead of selecting an additional skill with versatile performance, a bard or skald can choose an advanced versatile performance for one Perform skill he previously selected with versatile performance. Some advanced versatile performance options can be selected only if the bard or skald meets the option’s prerequisites. A bard or skald with an archetype that replaces versatile performance cannot select advanced versatile performance options.

Expanded Versatility (Ex) (Blood of the Beast pg. 12): The bard chooses one Perform skill that he has already selected with versatile performance. He adds one of the following skills to the list of skills that are associated with the chosen Perform skill for the purpose of the versatile performance ability: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Sense Motive, or Use Magic Device. This option can be selected multiple times, but no skill can be associated with the same Perform skill more than once.
Martial Performance (Ex) (Blood of the Beast pg. 12): The bard chooses one weapon belonging to a fighter weapon group that is associated with a Perform skill he has selected with versatile performance (see below). He gains proficiency with this weapon. If the bard is already proficient with this weapon or later becomes proficient with it, he gains Weapon Focus with that weapon as a bonus feat instead. In addition, the bard’s effective fighter level is equal to 1/2 his bard level for the purpose of qualifying for feats that specifically select weapons from those Perform skills’ associated fighter weapon groups.

The types of Perform skills and their associated fighter weapon groups are: Act (close, double), Comedy (flails, thrown), Dance (monk, spears), Keyboard Instruments (hammers, siege engines), Oratory (heavy blades, light blades), Percussion (close, hammers), Sing (close, natural), String (axes, bows), and Wind (monk, thrown).
Masterpiece (Blood of the Beast pg. 13): The bard gains a bardic masterpiece, as if he were giving up a feat to learn it. He must meet the masterpiece’s prerequisites, and the masterpiece must list ranks in a Perform skill that the bard has chosen with versatile performance as a prerequisite. This option can be selected multiple times.