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Unstable Mutagen

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 58
Category Basic (Magic)
You discovered or were given a secret to make your mutagens more unstable—but also more potent. Once per day, you can create an unstable mutagen. It is like a normal mutagen in most ways, but also gains a single benefit or hindrance due to its instability. Roll 1d6 to determine the result of the instability.

1The unstable mutagen lasts for 5 minutes per alchemist level.
2The unstable mutagen lasts for 20 minutes per alchemist level.
3The unstable mutagen does not grant a natural armor bonus.
4The natural armor bonus granted by the mutagen increases by 2.
5The penalty that the mutagen applies to the corresponding mental ability score increases by 2.
6The unstable mutagen does not apply a penalty to the corresponding mental ability score.