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Occult Rituals

Earth Tremor

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 228
School transmutation [earth]; Level arcanist 3, bloodrager 3, druid 3, hunter 3, magus 3, shaman 3, sorcerer 3, witch 3, wizard 3


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S


Range up to 30 ft. (see text)
Area 30-ft. line, 20-ft. cone-shaped spread, or 10-ft.-radius spread (see text)
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Reflex half (see text); Spell Resistance no


You strike the ground and unleash a tremor of seismic force, hurling up earth, rock, and sand. You choose whether the earth tremor affects a 30-foot line, a 20-foot cone-shaped spread, or a 10-foot-radius spread centered on you. The space you occupy is not affected by earth tremor. The area you choose becomes dense rubble that costs 2 squares of movement to enter. Dense rubble adds 5 to the DC of Acrobatics checks and adds 2 to the DC of Stealth checks. Creatures on the ground in the area take 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage per caster level you have (maximum 10d4) or half damage on a successful save. Medium or smaller creatures that fail their saves are knocked prone.

This spell can be cast only on a surface of earth, sand, or stone. It has no effect if you are in a wooden or metal structure or if you are not touching the ground.