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Prophetic Lore

Source Disciple's Doctrine pg. 11
School divination; Level arcanist 6, sorcerer 6, wizard 6


Casting Time see below
Components V, S, M (incense worth 150 gp), F (rare herbs and spices worth 250 gp)


Range personal
Target you
Duration see text


You call to mind prophecies regarding a person, place, item, or event. These might be predictions made in the past, lost to history, or entirely new. If the person or item is present or if you are at the desired location, the casting time is 1d4×10 minutes; if you have general but specific information about the subject, the casting time is 1d4×2 hours. If you have only rumors, you cannot cast this spell with any effect.

More than one prophecy can come to mind when you cast this spell, and each are of varying detail and accuracy. Roll d% and add your caster level (maximum 10) to determine results this spell returns, as listed below.
1-25Your prophecy is vague, difficult to interpret, or does not offer any new subjects for further investigation.
26-50You divine multiple prophecies for the subject, but you are unsure which applies. You have enough information to gain a +5 bonus on Knowledge, Perception, and Sense Motive checks about the subject. If you discover more information about the subject using these skills, you gain a +10 bonus when rolling on this table the next time you cast this spell within 24 hours. You can gain this bonus only once in a single 24-hour period.
51-75You identify multiple prophecies and know which single prophecy is most likely to take effect and which is most likely to be false or fraudulent. If no prophecy is accurate, you become aware of this. Even accurate prophecies are often vague, and how easy it is to determine details from one is up to the GM.
76-100You gain accurate visions of a single prophecy regarding the subject. You know what this prophecy means and what it foretells, it is generally accurate, and it comes in the form of a single statement, though the timeline for when the prophecy will come true might be vague. (For example, “Flames shall consume it within a month” if the subject is a tavern destined to burn, or “The murderer shall be discovered by a hero” if the subject is a murder victim.)