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Occult Rituals

Call Weapon

Source Inner Sea Magic pg. 53
School transmutation; Level bard 1, hunter 1, magus 1, ranger 1, skald 1


Casting Time 1 swift action
Components V, S


Range 30 feet
Target one melee weapon wielded by an ally
Duration instantaneous


This spell first rose to prominence among the elves of Kyonin in the war to retake their ancestral land from the demon lord Treerazer and his minions. Elite units of elven magi entered battle with this spell prepared to shield fallen comrades or stand firm against fell foes. As the elven presence returned to the world, this spell spread throughout the Inner Sea and beyond.

When you cast this spell, you cause a weapon wielded by an ally within 30 feet to telekinetically fly across the space between you and into your open hand. This extra energy persists in the weapon for the rest of the round, granting you a +2 circumstance bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made during the same round you cast this spell.

If the ally targeted for this spell is unwilling to give up her weapon, the spell fails. An unconscious or dying ally is considered a “willing” target so long as the weapon to be called is still in contact with the ally’s body.