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Inner Sea Magic

Estimated Release Date: 7/27/2011
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Archetypes [20]

Black-Blooded Oracle (Oracle), Chelish Diva (Bard), Crypt Breaker (Alchemist), Dawnflower Dervish (Bard), First Worlder (Summoner), Hidden Priest (Cleric), Mendevian Priest (Cleric), Nirmathi Irregular (Ranger), Oenopion Researcher (Alchemist), Primalist (Wizard), Razmiran Priest (Sorcerer), Shadowcaster (Wizard), Spire Defender (Magus), Sword of Valor (Paladin), Tattooed Sorcerer (Sorcerer), Tempest Druid (Druid), Thassilonian Specialist (Wizard), Vampire Hunter (Inquisitor), Varisian Pilgrim (Cleric), Winter Witch (Witch)

Feats [7]

False Casting, False Focus, Inscribe Magical Tattoo, Shadow Gambit, Shadow Grasp, Tenebrous Spell, Umbral Spell

Magic Items (Tattoos) [5]

Caster's Tattoo (Greater), Caster's Tattoo (Lesser), Caster's Tattoo (Normal), Reservoir Tattoo, Spell Tattoo

Oracle Mysteries [2]

Outer Rifts, Spellscar

Prestige Classes [2]

Cyphermage, Divine Scion

Spells [39]

Aroden's Spellbane, Bladed Dash, Bladed Dash, Greater, Blast Barrier, Call Weapon, Crusader's Edge, Eaglesoul, Eldritch Conduit, Eldritch Conduit, Greater, Fleshcurdle, Forceful Strike, Geb's Hammer, Geniekind, Hungry Darkness, Hunter's Lore, Ice Spears, Impart Mind, Khain's Army, Kiss of the First World, Light of Iomedae, Martial Marionette, Martyr's Bargain, Music of the Spheres, Orchid's Drop, Pugwampi's Grace, Shadow Barbs, Shining Cord, Siphon Magic, Song of Kyonin, Spell Absorption, Spell Absorption, Greater, Spellscar, Suppress Primal Magic, Tattoo Potion, Transfer Tattoo, Vengeful Comets, Vex Giant, Weaponwand, Zone of Foul Flames