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Champions of Corruption

Estimated Release Date: 9/10/2014
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Afflictions - Poisons [3]

Brain blot, Everwake serum, Peasant's woe

Alchemist Discoveries [5]

Cursed Bomb*, Pickled Quasit, Plague Vector, Profane Bomb*, Tainted Infusion

Archetypes [3]

Blood Summoner (Summoner), Dread Vanguard (Antipaladin), Raging Cannibal (Barbarian)

Barbarian Rage Powers [3]

Greater Animal Fury (Ex), Penetrating Bite (Ex), Savage Jaw (Ex)

Deities [9]

Achaekek, Asmodeus, Dahak, Fumeiyoshi, General Susumu, Ghlaunder, Gyronna, Lady Nanbyo, Lamashtu

Drawbacks [3]

Foul Brand, Umbral Unmasking, Warded Against Nature

Eidolon Evolutions [5]

Bleed (Ex), Fiendish Appearance (Ex), Sickening (Ex), Slippery (Ex), Sticky (Ex)

Feats [17]

Ally Shield, Callous Casting, Chairbreaker, Craft Shadow Piercing, Destructive Persuasion, Fiendskin, Friendly Fire, Maleficium, Mask of Virtue, Reckless Moves, Shrapnel Strike, Soulless Gaze, Splash Volley, Stunning Irruption, Summon Evil Monster, Vile Leadership, Wild Flanking

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Dark Life Ring, Ring of Plagues

Magic Items (Shadow Piercings) [15]

Body Piercings (Greater), Chest Piercings (Greater), Eye Piercings (Greater), Head Piercings (Greater), Suspension Piercings (Greater), Head Piercings (Major), Suspension Piercings (Major), Chest Piercings (Major), Eye Piercings (Major), Body Piercings (Major), Body Piercings (Minor), Chest Piercings (Minor), Eye Piercings (Minor), Suspension Piercings (Minor), Head Piercings (Minor)

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Amulet of Euphoric Healing, Collar of Unliving Servitude, Dirgesinger's Choir, Elixir of Repression, Hand of Hoarded Deaths, Sinner's Wage

Spells [2]

Shared Suffering, Wracking Ray

Subdomains [8]

Cannibalism, Corruption, Demodand (Chaos), Demodand (Evil), Greed, Hatred, Kyton (Evil), Kyton (Law)

Traits [12]

Bloody-Minded, Detect Disobedience, Divine Deceiver, Horrifying Mind, Obsequious Morsel, Passionate Inertia, Punish Insurrection, Shadowsight, Social Slaver, Subjective Truth, Wardbreaker, Wicked Leader