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Bestiary 6

Estimated Release Date: 4/26/2017
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Animal Companions [12]

Amargasaurus, Brontotherium, Deinotherium, Devil Monkey, Dunkleosteus, Elasmotherium, Giant Raven, Giganotosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Mokele-Mbembe, Quetzalcoatlus, Titanoboa

Familiars [1]

Coral Capuchin

Magic Items (Artifacts) [6]

Eyjatas, Horn of Lies, Lamentation of the Faithless, The Eclipsing Eye, Usher of the Black Rain, Visineir

Monster Subtypes [38]

Air, Angel, Aquatic, Augmented, Azata, Blight, Chaotic, Clockwork, Cold, Daemon, Demon, Derro, Devil, Earth, Elemental, Elf, Evil, Extraplanar, Fire, Giant, Goblinoid, Good, Great Old One, Human, Incorporeal, Kaiju, Lawful, Munavri, Native, Protean, Psychopomp, Qlippoth, Sahkil, Shapechanger, Swarm, Troop, Water, Wild Hunt

Monster Templates [10]

Alter Ego, Animus Shade, Blighted Fey, Entothrope, Exoskeleton, Fungoid, Hivemind Swarm, Mongrel Giant, Siabrae, Spore Zombie

Occult Rituals [2]

Ouroboros Blood Ritual, Welcome the Blighted Soul

Races [5]

Monkey Goblin, Munavri, Naiad, Rougarou, Yaddithian

Universal Monster Rules [85]

Ability Damage and Drain, All-Around Vision, Amorphous, Amphibious, Archdevil Traits, Attach, Bleed, Blindsense, Blindsight, Blood Drain, Breath Weapon, Burn, Capsize, Change Shape, Channel Resistance, Compression, Constrict, Construct Traits, Curse, Damage Reduction, Darkvision, Disease, Distraction, Earth Glide, Empyreal Lord Traits, Energy Drain, Fast Healing, Fast Swallow, Fear, Ferocity, Flight, Fortification, Freeze, Frightful Presence, Gaze, Grab, Greensight, Hold Breath, Horseman Traits, Immunity, Incorporeal, Keen Scent, Lifesense, Light Blindness, Light Sensitivity, Low-Light Vision, Mental Static Aura, Mistsight, Mythic Power, Natural Attacks, Negative Energy Affinity, No Breath, Paralysis, Plant Traits, Poison, Pounce, Powerful Blows, Powerful Charge, Psychic Magic, Pull, Qlippoth Lord Traits, Rake, Regeneration, Rend, Resistance, Rock Catching, Rock Throwing, Scent, See in Darkness, Spell Resistance, Spell-Like Abilities, Spells, Stench, Strangle, Summon, Surge, Swallow Whole, Telepathy, Trample, Tremorsense, Trip, Undead Traits, Undersized Weapons, Vulnerability, Web