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Advanced Race Guide

Estimated Release Date: 5/1/2012
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Afflictions - Poisons [2]

Black spider marsh poison, Spellscorch

Alchemist Discoveries [12]

Chameleon (Su), Darkness Bomb*, Deadly Excretions (Ex), Defoliant Bomb, Fire Brand (Su), Glassfoot Bomb*, Greater Plague Bomb*, Lingering Plague, Rag Doll Mutagen (Su), Rocket Bomb (Su)*, Scrap Bomb (Su)*, Underwater Demolition (Ex)

Archetypes [70]

Airborne Ambusher (Fighter), Ancient Lorekeeper (Oracle), Blood God Disciple (Summoner), Bogborn Alchemist (Alchemist), Bonded Witch (Witch), Bramble Brewer (Alchemist), Buccaneer (Gunslinger), Bushwhacker (Gunslinger), Cat Burglar (Rogue), Cavern Sniper (Fighter), Community Guardian (Oracle), Cruoromancer (Wizard), Deadly Courtesan (Rogue), Deep Bomber (Alchemist), Demonic Apostle (Cleric), Dirty Fighter (Fighter), Dreamweaver (Witch), Dusk Stalker (Ranger), Eldritch Raider (Rogue), Elemental Knight (Magus), Exarch (Inquisitor), Experimental Gunsmith (Gunslinger), Fell Rider (Cavalier), Feral Child (Druid), Feral Gnasher (Barbarian), Fiend Flayer (Magus), Fiendish Vessel (Cleric), Filcher (Rogue), Fire Bomber (Alchemist), Foehammer (Fighter), Forgemaster (Cleric), Gray Disciple (Monk), Gulch Gunner (Gunslinger), Hateful Rager (Barbarian), Immolator (Inquisitor), Ironskin Monk (Monk), Kinslayer (Inquisitor), Kitsune Trickster (Rogue), Naga Aspirant (Druid), Nimble Guardian (Monk), Plague Bringer (Alchemist), Prankster (Bard), Purifier (Oracle), Redeemer (Paladin), Reincarnated Oracle (Oracle), Saboteur (Alchemist), Scarred Witch Doctor (Witch), Shadow Caller (Summoner), Shadow Puppeteer (Bard), Shaitan Binder (Summoner), Shigenjo (Oracle), Skulking Slayer (Rogue), Sky Druid (Druid), Spell Dancer (Magus), Spellbinder (Wizard), Stonelord (Paladin), Student of Stone (Monk), Swordmaster (Rogue), Tranquil Guardian (Paladin), Treesinger (Druid), Treetop Monk (Monk), Underfoot Adept (Monk), Undine Adept (Druid), Wanderer (Monk), Watersinger (Bard), Wave Warden (Ranger), Wild Caller (ARG) (Summoner), Wild Shadow (Ranger), Wind Listener (Wizard), Wishcrafter (Sorcerer)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Paw

Eidolon Evolutions [2]

Shadow Blend (Su), Shadow Form (Su)

Equipment (Misc.) [76]

Alchemical coal (blinding cinders), Alchemical coal (choking smoke), Alchemical preserves, Ambrosia (vial), Anointing oil, Arcane family workbook, Artificer's lab (portable), Bag, bear, Battle mask, Billow cape, Black fester (vial), Blight tonic, Bomb launcher, Brewed reek, Camouflage lichen, Cave whistle, Celestial censer, Celestial lamp, Chain belt, Compact spellbook, Darklight lantern, Dilettante's outfit, Dire bat (riding), Dire bat (riding, combat trained), Elemental breath, Elemental flux (flask), Fetters (common), Fetters (masterwork), Fiendgore unguent, Fire ink, Fleshgem (decorative), Fleshgem (spikes), Gecko (riding), Gecko (riding, combat trained), Gloom sight goggles, Golden maple leaves, Halfling jugglesticks, Half-orc disguise kit, Hobgoblin war draught, Hound's blood (vial), Ifrit's blood, Incense (10 sticks), Manacle barbs, Mellowroot (vial), Moonrod, Neck guard, Obsession log, Poison tattoo, Potion sponge, Pox burster, Roar cord, Samsaran life wheel, Scentbane incense, Shadow stencil set, Shadowcloy flask, Sherrif's whistle, Signal kite kit, Softpaw boots, Spider sac, Star charts, Stillgut (vial), Stink ink (arcane), Stink ink (common), Stonechipper salve, Tent, hanging, Terror kite, Trailscent kit, Training harness, Tribal standard, Undine weaponshaft, Unstable accelerant, Vampire slayer's kit, War spirit pouch, Whip, training, Wing cloak, Wing oil

Equipment (Weapons) [19]

Bolts, heartstake (5), Claw blades, Dogslicer, Dwarven double waraxe, Helmet, dwarven boulder, Horsechopper, Jolting dart, Kobold tail, long lash, Kobold tail, pounder, Kobold tail, razored, Kobold tail, spiked, Kobold tail, sweeper, Longaxe, dwarven, Longhammer, dwarven, Sea-knife, Snag net, Tailblade, ratfolk, Underwater heavy crossbow, Underwater light crossbow

Familiars [1]


Feats [184]

Adaptive Fortune, Agile Tongue, Airy Step, Angel Wings, Angelic Blood, Angelic Flesh, Aquatic Ancestry, Armor of the Pit, Attuned to the Wild, Beast Rider, Bestow Luck, Black Cat, Blazing Aura (ARG), Blistering Feint, Blood Beak, Blood Drinker, Blood Feaster, Blood Salvage, Blood Vengeance, Blundering Defense, Born Alone, Brewmaster, Bullying Blow, Burn! Burn! Burn!, Burrowing Teeth, Carrion Feeder, Casual Illusionist, Catfolk Exemplar, Cautious Fighter, Celestial Servant, Channel Force, Claw Pounce, Cleave Through, Cloud Gazer, Cloven Helm, Courageous Resolve, Critical Versatility, Dark Sight, Dauntless Destiny, Deafening Explosion, Defiant Luck, Demoralizing Lash, Dented Helm, Desperate Swing, Destroyer's Blessing, Discerning Eye, Diverse Palate, Draconic Aspect, Draconic Breath, Draconic Glide, Draconic Paragon, Drow Nobility, Dwarf Blooded, Echoes of Stone, Elemental Jaunt, Elven Battle Training, Elven Spirit, Exile's Path, Expanded Fiendish Resistance, Expanded Resistance, Extra Elemental Assault, Fast Learner, Fearless Curiosity, Feline Grace, Ferocious Action, Ferocious Resolve, Ferocious Summons, Ferocious Tenacity, Fiend Sight, Fire Hand, Fire Tamer, Firesight, Flame Heart, Focusing Blow, Foment the Blood, Fortunate One, Giant Killer, Giant Steps, Gloom Sight, Gloom Strike, Gnome Weapon Focus, Goblin Cleaver, Goblin Gunslinger, Gore Fiend, Grasping Tail, Great Hatred, Greater Channel Force, Greater Drow Nobility, Grudge Fighter, Guardian of the Wild, Half-Drow Paragon, Hard-Headed, Heavenly Radiance, Heroic Will, Hobgoblin Discipline, Horde Charge, Human Spirit, Huntmaster, Hydraulic Maneuver, Improved Channel Force, Improved Dark Sight, Improved Drow Nobility, Improved Improvisation, Improved Low Blow, Improved Surprise Follow-Through, Improved Umbral Scion, Improvisation, Incremental Elemental Assault, Inexplicable Luck, Inner Breath, Inner Flame, Intimidating Confidence, Kobold Ambusher, Kobold Sniper, Ledge Walker, Life's Blood, Lingering Invisibility, Long-Nose Form, Lucky Healer, Lucky Strike, Mage of the Wild, Magical Tail, Martial Mastery, Martial Versatility, Metallic Wings, Mother's Gift, Multitalented Mastery, Murmurs of Earth, Natural Charmer, Neither Elf nor Human, Nimble Striker, Noble Spell Resistance, Orc Hewer, Orc Weapon Expertise, Oread Burrower, Oread Earth Glider, Realistic Likeness, Resilient Brute, Resolute Rager, Reverse-Feint, Risky Striker, Scavenger's Eye, Scorching Weapons, Sea Hunter, Seen and Unseen, Shadow Caster, Shadow Ghost, Shadow Walker, Shadowy Dash, Shared Manipulation, Sharpclaw, Shatterspell, Sleep Venom, Spider Climber, Spider Summoner, Spirit of the Wild, Spit Venom, Steam Caster, Stoic Pose, Stony Step, Stretched Wings, Sure and Fleet, Surge of Success, Surprise Follow-Through, Surprise Strike, Sympathetic Rage, Tail Terror, Tangle Feet, Taskmaster, Tenacious Survivor, Tengu Raven Form, Tengu Wings, Terrorizing Display, Thrill of the Kill, Toxic Recovery, Trap Wrecker, Tree Hanger, Triton Portal, Tunnel Rat, Umbral Scion, Uncanny Defense, Vast Hatred, Water Skinned, Wings of Air

Magic Items (Armor) [5]

Celestial Shield, Cloudburst, Elysian Shield, Guarding, Guarding, Greater

Magic Items (Rings) [5]

Ring of Craft Magic, Ring of Ferocious Action, Ring of Rat Fangs, Ring of Swarming Stabs, Ring of the Sophisticate

Magic Items (Rods) [4]

Earthbind Rod, Rod of Dwarven Might, Rod of Shadows, Rod of Steadfast Resolve

Magic Items (Weapons) [7]

Cruel, Deadly, Fury-Born, Gauntlets of Skill at Arms, Gloom Blade, Rending Claw Blade, Swift Obsidian Greataxe

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [70]

Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+1), Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+2), Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+3), Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+4), Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+5), Kitsune Star Gem (1st), Kitsune Star Gem (2nd), Kitsune Star Gem (3rd), Amazing Tools of Manufacture, Amulet of Channeled Life, Amulet of Hidden Light, Ancestral Clasp, Bag of Shadow Clouds, Belt of Foraging, Belt of Stoneskin, Black Feather Fan, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Black Jade Raven), Bonebreaker Gauntlets, Book of Marvelous Recipes, Boots of Escape, Bracers of Sworn Vengeance, Brooch of Blending, Bubble Vault, Cap of Human Guise, Cat's Eye Crown, Cloak of Fangs, Cloak of Fiery Vanishing, Cloak of Human Guise, Cloak of the Diplomat, Cloak of the Scuttling Rat, Corset of the Vishkanya, Crown of Conquest, Crown of Swords, Daredevil Softpaws, Darksire Amulet, Hobgoblin Battle Standard (Despair), Elixir of Darksight, Elixir of Forceful Exhalation, Escape Dust, Hobgoblin Battle Standard (Ferocity), Gloves of Elvenkind, Halo of Inner Calm, Halo of Menace, Incense of Many Fates, Hobgoblin Battle Standard (Iron Resolve), Lambent Window, Lantern of Dancing Shadows, Lenses of Darkness, Living Garments, Mask of Stony Demeanor, Meridian Belt, Nagaji Scale Polish, Phantasmal Gem, Pipes of the Warren Guardian, Purifying Pearl, Quickfingers Gloves, Red Feather Fan, Rubble Gloves, Seafoam Shawl, Shackles of Durance Vile, Shark Tooth Amulet, Shawl of Life-Keeping, Slippers of the Triton, Solidsmoke Pipeweed, Stonemist Cloak, Symbol of Luck, Symbol of Unholy Command, Tengu Drinking Jug, Trapmaker's Sack, Wound Paste

Monster Templates [1]

Shadow Creature

Races [37]

Aasimar, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Drow, Duergar, Dwarf, Elf, Fetchling, Gillman, Gnome, Goblin, Grippli, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Hobgoblin, Human, Ifrit, Kitsune, Kobold, Merfolk, Nagaji, Orc, Oread, Ratfolk, Samsaran, Strix, Suli, Svirfneblin, Sylph, Tengu, Tiefling, Undine, Vanara, Vishkanya, Wayang

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [324]

Aasimar - Bard, Aasimar - Cavalier, Aasimar - Cleric, Aasimar - Inquisitor, Aasimar - Oracle, Aasimar - Paladin, Aasimar - Sorcerer, Aasimar - Summoner, Catfolk - Bard, Catfolk - Cavalier, Catfolk - Druid, Catfolk - Oracle, Catfolk - Ranger, Catfolk - Rogue, Catfolk - Sorcerer, Changeling - Oracle, Changeling - Rogue, Changeling - Witch, Dhampir - Alchemist, Dhampir - Cleric, Dhampir - Fighter, Dhampir - Inquisitor, Dhampir - Oracle, Dhampir - Rogue, Dhampir - Wizard, Drow - Alchemist, Drow - Antipaladin, Drow - Cleric, Drow - Fighter, Drow - Rogue, Drow - Sorcerer, Drow - Wizard, Duergar - Cleric, Duergar - Fighter, Duergar - Inquisitor, Dwarf - Alchemist, Dwarf - Barbarian, Dwarf - Bard, Dwarf - Cavalier, Dwarf - Cleric, Dwarf - Druid, Dwarf - Fighter, Dwarf - Gunslinger, Dwarf - Inquisitor, Dwarf - Magus, Dwarf - Monk, Dwarf - Oracle, Dwarf - Paladin, Dwarf - Ranger, Dwarf - Rogue, Dwarf - Sorcerer, Dwarf - Summoner, Dwarf - Witch, Dwarf - Wizard, Elf - Alchemist, Elf - Barbarian, Elf - Bard, Elf - Cavalier, Elf - Cleric, Elf - Druid, Elf - Fighter, Elf - Gunslinger, Elf - Inquisitor, Elf - Magus, Elf - Monk, Elf - Oracle, Elf - Paladin, Elf - Ranger, Elf - Rogue, Elf - Sorcerer, Elf - Summoner, Elf - Witch, Elf - Wizard, Fetchling - Oracle, Fetchling - Ranger, Fetchling - Rogue, Fetchling - Sorcerer, Fetchling - Summoner, Fetchling - Wizard, Gillman - Fighter, Gillman - Rogue, Gillman - Sorcerer, Gillman - Wizard, Gnome - Alchemist, Gnome - Barbarian, Gnome - Bard, Gnome - Cavalier, Gnome - Cleric, Gnome - Druid, Gnome - Fighter, Gnome - Gunslinger, Gnome - Inquisitor, Gnome - Magus, Gnome - Monk, Gnome - Oracle, Gnome - Paladin, Gnome - Ranger, Gnome - Rogue, Gnome - Sorcerer, Gnome - Summoner, Gnome - Witch, Gnome - Wizard, Goblin - Alchemist, Goblin - Barbarian, Goblin - Bard, Goblin - Cavalier, Goblin - Druid, Goblin - Gunslinger, Goblin - Oracle, Goblin - Ranger, Goblin - Rogue, Goblin - Sorcerer, Goblin - Summoner, Goblin - Witch, Grippli - Alchemist, Grippli - Druid, Grippli - Gunslinger, Grippli - Ranger, Grippli - Rogue, Half-Elf - Alchemist, Half-Elf - Barbarian, Half-Elf - Bard, Half-Elf - Cavalier, Half-Elf - Cleric, Half-Elf - Druid, Half-Elf - Fighter, Half-Elf - Gunslinger, Half-Elf - Inquisitor, Half-Elf - Magus, Half-Elf - Monk, Half-Elf - Oracle, Half-Elf - Paladin, Half-Elf - Ranger, Half-Elf - Rogue, Half-Elf - Sorcerer, Half-Elf - Summoner, Half-Elf - Witch, Half-Elf - Wizard, Halfling - Alchemist, Halfling - Barbarian, Halfling - Bard, Halfling - Cavalier, Halfling - Cleric, Halfling - Druid, Halfling - Fighter, Halfling - Gunslinger, Halfling - Inquisitor, Halfling - Magus, Halfling - Monk, Halfling - Oracle, Halfling - Paladin, Halfling - Ranger, Halfling - Rogue, Halfling - Sorcerer, Halfling - Summoner, Halfling - Witch, Halfling - Wizard, Half-Orc - Alchemist, Half-Orc - Barbarian, Half-Orc - Bard, Half-Orc - Cavalier, Half-Orc - Cleric, Half-Orc - Druid, Half-Orc - Fighter, Half-Orc - Gunslinger, Half-Orc - Inquisitor, Half-Orc - Magus, Half-Orc - Monk, Half-Orc - Oracle, Half-Orc - Paladin, Half-Orc - Ranger, Half-Orc - Rogue, Half-Orc - Sorcerer, Half-Orc - Summoner, Half-Orc - Witch, Half-Orc - Wizard, Hobgoblin - Alchemist, Hobgoblin - Cavalier, Hobgoblin - Cleric, Hobgoblin - Fighter, Hobgoblin - Gunslinger, Hobgoblin - Inquisitor, Hobgoblin - Monk, Hobgoblin - Ranger, Hobgoblin - Rogue, Human - Alchemist, Human - Barbarian, Human - Bard, Human - Cavalier, Human - Cleric, Human - Druid, Human - Fighter, Human - Gunslinger, Human - Inquisitor, Human - Magus, Human - Monk, Human - Oracle, Human - Paladin, Human - Ranger, Human - Rogue, Human - Sorcerer, Human - Summoner, Human - Witch, Human - Wizard, Ifrit - Alchemist, Ifrit - Bard, Ifrit - Cleric, Ifrit - Gunslinger, Ifrit - Inquisitor, Ifrit - Oracle, Ifrit - Rogue, Ifrit - Sorcerer, Kitsune - Bard, Kitsune - Druid, Kitsune - Oracle, Kitsune - Rogue, Kitsune - Sorcerer, Kobold - Alchemist, Kobold - Bard, Kobold - Cavalier, Kobold - Cleric, Kobold - Druid, Kobold - Fighter, Kobold - Gunslinger, Kobold - Magus, Kobold - Monk, Kobold - Oracle, Kobold - Ranger, Kobold - Rogue, Kobold - Sorcerer, Kobold - Summoner, Kobold - Witch, Merfolk - Druid, Merfolk - Ranger, Merfolk - Sorcerer, Nagaji - Alchemist, Nagaji - Fighter, Nagaji - Monk, Nagaji - Summoner, Orc - Alchemist, Orc - Barbarian, Orc - Cavalier, Orc - Druid, Orc - Fighter, Orc - Ranger, Orc - Witch, Oread - Bard, Oread - Cleric, Oread - Druid, Oread - Fighter, Oread - Monk, Oread - Paladin, Oread - Ranger, Oread - Summoner, Ratfolk - Alchemist, Ratfolk - Barbarian, Ratfolk - Druid, Ratfolk - Fighter, Ratfolk - Gunslinger, Ratfolk - Monk, Ratfolk - Ranger, Ratfolk - Rogue, Ratfolk - Summoner, Ratfolk - Witch, Samsaran - Monk, Samsaran - Oracle, Samsaran - Rogue, Samsaran - Wizard, Strix - Barbarian, Strix - Fighter, Strix - Monk, Strix - Ranger, Suli - Magus, Suli - Monk, Suli - Ranger, Svirfneblin - Alchemist, Svirfneblin - Oracle, Svirfneblin - Ranger, Sylph - Cleric, Sylph - Druid, Sylph - Inquisitor, Sylph - Oracle, Sylph - Rogue, Sylph - Sorcerer, Sylph - Witch, Sylph - Wizard, Tengu - Barbarian, Tengu - Fighter, Tengu - Monk, Tengu - Oracle, Tengu - Rogue, Tengu - Sorcerer, Tengu - Witch, Tiefling - Alchemist, Tiefling - Cleric, Tiefling - Druid, Tiefling - Inquisitor, Tiefling - Magus, Tiefling - Paladin, Tiefling - Rogue, Tiefling - Sorcerer, Tiefling - Summoner, Tiefling - Witch, Tiefling - Wizard, Undine - Bard, Undine - Cleric, Undine - Druid, Undine - Monk, Undine - Sorcerer, Undine - Summoner, Undine - Wizard, Vanara - Alchemist, Vanara - Druid, Vanara - Fighter, Vanara - Monk, Vanara - Ranger, Vanara - Rogue, Vishkanya - Bard, Vishkanya - Rogue, Vishkanya - Sorcerer, Wayang - Bard, Wayang - Oracle, Wayang - Sorcerer, Wayang - Summoner

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [257]

Gnome - Academician, Undine - Acid Breath, Half-Orc - Acute Darkvision, Halfling - Adaptable Luck, Human - Adoptive Parentage, Sylph - Air Insight, Drow - Ambitious Schemer, Undine - Amphibious, Half-Elf - Ancestral Arms, Drow - Ancestral Grudge, Dwarf - Ancient Enmity, Elf - Arcane Focus, Half-Elf - Arcane Training, Elf - Arctic Elf, Half-Orc - Arena-Bred, Halfling - Avenging, Hobgoblin - Bandy-Legged, Hobgoblin - Battle-Hardened, Kobold - Beast Bond, Half-Orc - Beastmaster, Tiefling - Beguiling Liar, Half-Orc - Bestial, Drow - Blasphemous Covenant, Duergar - Blood Enmity, Gnome - Bond to the Land, Sylph - Breeze-Kissed, Tengu - Carrion Sense, Catfolk - Cat’s Claws, Goblin - Cave Crawler, Half-Orc - Cavewight, Aasimar - Celestial Crusader, Half-Orc - Chain Fighter, Goblin - City Scavenger, Half-Orc - City-Raised, Tengu - Claw Attack, Catfolk - Clever Cat, Catfolk - Climber, Ratfolk - Cornered Fury, Human - Cosmopolitan, Human - Country Folk, Dwarf - Craftsman, Halfling - Craven, Oread - Crystalline Form, Catfolk - Curiosity, Drow - Darklands Stalker, Elf - Darkvision, Gnome - Darkvision, Merfolk - Darkvision, Dhampir - Dayborn, Strix - Dayguard, Orc - Dayrunner, Duergar - Daysighted, Aasimar - Deathless Spirit, Dwarf - Deep Delver, Half-Orc - Deep Kin, Duergar - Deep Magic, Dwarf - Deep Warrior, Undine - Deepsight, Ifrit - Desert Mirage, Elf - Desert Runner, Wayang - Dissolution’s Child, Kobold - Dragon-Scaled, Gnome - Dread Gnomes, Elf - Dreamspeaker, Half-Elf - Drow Magic, Half-Elf - Drow-Blooded, Half-Elf - Dual Minded, Human - Dual Talent, Elf - Dusk Elf, Duergar - Dwarf Traits, Oread - Earth Insight, Goblin - Eat Anything, Ifrit - Efreeti Magic, Dwarf - Elder Dwarf, Elf - Elemental Resistance, Half-Elf - Elf-Raised, Fetchling - Emissary, Suli - Energy Strike (Su), Hobgoblin - Engineer, Elf - Envoy, Elf - Eternal Grudge, Gnome - Eternal Hope, Aasimar - Exalted Resistance, Dwarf - Exiled Dwarf, Tengu - Exotic Weapon Training, Gnome - Explorer, Human - Eye for Talent, Dhampir - Fangs, Kitsune - Fast Shifter (Su), Hobgoblin - Fearsome, Gnome - Fell Magic, Orc - Feral, Half-Orc - Feral, Oread - Ferrous Growth, Oread - Fertile Soil, Tiefling - Fiendish Sprinter, Ifrit - Fire in the Blood, Ifrit - Fire Insight, Ifrit - Fire-Starter, Halfling - Fleet of Foot, Elf - Fleet-Footed, Undine - Flesh Chameleon, Human - Focused Study, Half-Orc - Forest Walker, Ifrit - Forge-Hardened, Strix - Frightening, Half-Orc - Gatecrasher, Gnome - Gear Gnomes, Dwarf - Giant Hunter, Gnome - Gift of Tongues, Tengu - Glide, Grippli - Glider, Kobold - Gliding Wings, Fetchling - Gloom Shimmer, Oread - Granite Skin, Kitsune - Gregarious (Ex), Human - Gutter Rat, Half-Elf - Half-Drow (Darkborn), Aasimar - Halo, Goblin - Hard Head, Big Teeth, Svirfneblin - Healthy, Human - Heart of the Fields, Human - Heart of the Mountains, Human - Heart of the Sea, Human - Heart of the Slums, Human - Heart of the Snows, Human - Heart of the Streets, Human - Heart of the Sun, Human - Heart of the Wilderness, Aasimar - Heavenborn, Human - Heroic, Half-Elf - Human-Raised, Undine - Hydrated Vitality, Ifrit - Hypnotic, Nagaji - Hypnotic Gaze (Sp), Aasimar - Immortal Spark, Human - Imperious Human, Aasimar - Incorruptible, Halfling - Ingratiating, Half-Elf - Integrated, Kobold - Jester, Grippli - Jumper, Gnome - Knack with Poison, Gnome - Lava Gnomes, Elf - Lightbringer, Sylph - Like the Wind, Dwarf - Lorekeeper, Halfling - Low Blow, Hobgoblin - Magehunter, Dwarf - Magic Resistant, Gnome - Magical Linguist, Gnome - Master Tinker, Tiefling - Maw or Claw, Dwarf - Minesight, Changeling - Mist Child, Human - Mixed Heritage, Half-Orc - Mountain Clan, Dwarf - Mountain Dwarf, Oread - Mountain-Born, Dwarf - Mountaineer, Half-Orc - Mystic, Samsaran - Mystic Past Life (Su), Undine - Nereid Fascination, Strix - Nimble, Catfolk - Nimble Faller, Halfling - Nomadic, Changeling - Object of Desire, Changeling - Ocean's Daughter, Undine - Ooze Breath, Halfling - Outrider, Goblin - Over-Sized Ears, Hobgoblin - Pit Boss, Halfling - Polyglot, Halfling - Practicality, Tiefling - Prehensile Tail, Grippli - Princely, Gnome - Pyromaniac, Dwarf - Relentless, Gillman - Riverfolk, Half-Orc - Rock Climber, Dwarf - Rock Stepper, Half-Orc - Sacred Tattoo, Dwarf - Saltbeard, Elf - Savage Elf, Tiefling - Scaled Skin, Hobgoblin - Scarred, Half-Orc - Scavenger, Catfolk - Scent, Ratfolk - Scent, Aasimar - Scion of Humanity, Merfolk - Seasinger, Drow - Seducer, Vishkanya - Sensual, Fetchling - Shadow Magic, Half-Orc - Shaman’s Apprentice, Halfling - Shiftless, Elf - Silent Hunter, Human - Silver Tongued, Half-Orc - Skilled, Ratfolk - Skulk, Dwarf - Sky Sentinel, Sylph - Sky Speaker, Halfling - Slave Born, Hobgoblin - Slave Hunter, Gillman - Slimehunter, Orc - Smeller, Half-Elf - Sociable, Tiefling - Soul Seer, Elf - Spirit of the Waters, Orc - Squalid, Oread - Stone in the Blood, Svirfneblin - Stoneseer, Dwarf - Stonesinger, Sylph - Storm in the Blood, Merfolk - Strongtail, Dwarf - Stubborn, Vishkanya - Subtle Appearance, Fetchling - Subtle Manipulator, Drow - Surface Infiltrator, Dwarf - Surface Survivalist, Halfling - Swift as Shadows, Undine - Terrain Chameleon, Gillman - Throwback, Sylph - Thunderous Resilience, Half-Orc - Toothy, Strix - Tough, Elf - Tower Elf, Grippli - Toxic Skin (Ex), Human - Trailblazer, Gnome - Traveler Gnomes, Oread - Treacherous Earth, Goblin - Tree Runner, Vanara - Tree Stranger, Aasimar - Truespeaker, Halfling - Underfoot, Hobgoblin - Unfit, Ratfolk - Unnatural, Elf - Urbanite, Dhampir - Vampiric Empathy, Human - Versatile Human, Tiefling - Vestigial Wings, Halfling - Wanderlust, Gnome - Warden of Nature, Halfling - Warslinger, Half-Elf - Wary, Half-Elf - Water Child, Undine - Water Sense, Goblin - Weapon Familiarity, Sylph - Weather Savvy, Sylph - Whispering Wind, Vanara - Whitecape, Ifrit - Wildfire Heart, Strix - Wing-Clipped, Elf - Woodcraft, Fetchling - World Walker, Dwarf - Wyrmscourged, Dwarf - Xenophobic

Rogue Talents [9]

Deadly Scratch (Ex), Disarming Luck (Ex), False Friend (Ex), Graceful Faller (Ex), Nimble Climber (Ex), Obfuscate Story (Ex), Single-Minded Appraiser (Ex), Steal the Story (Ex), Vicious Claws (Ex)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [2]

Imperious, Kobold Sorcerer

Special Materials [3]

Darkleaf Cloth, Whipwood, Wyroot

Spells [92]

Aboleth's Lung, Absorbing Inhalation, Agonizing Rebuke, Alchemical Tinkering, Ancestral Regression, Battle Trance, Bestow Insight, Binding Earth, Binding Earth, Mass, Black Mark, Blend, Blessing of Luck and Resolve, Blessing of Luck and Resolve, Mass, Blinding Ray, Blood Blaze, Blood Scent, Chains of Fire, Cloud Shape, Commune with Birds, Damnation Stride, Death Candle, Death from Below, Delay Disease, Earth Glide, Enemy's Heart, Escaping Ward, Fearsome Duplicate, Fins to Feet, Fire Trail, Firestream, Forgetful Slumber, Fury of the Sun, Ghost Wolf, Gloomblind Bolts, Groundswell, Gusting Sphere, Half-Blood Extraction, Healing Warmth, Hellmouth Lash, Imbue with Elemental Might, Improve Trap, Ironbeard, Jitterbugs, Karmic Blessing, Life Channel, Linebreaker, Major Phantom Object, Marid's Mastery, Miasmatic Form, Mighty Fist of the Earth, Minor Dream, Minor Phantom Object, Mudball, Nereid's Grace, Nine Lives, Nixie's Lure, Old Salt's Curse, Paragon Surge, Path of the Winds, Prehensile Pilfer, Raging Rubble, Recharge Innate Magic, Resilient Reservoir, Sacred Space, Savage Maw, Scorching Ash Form, Sentry Skull, Shadow Anchor, Shadowy Haven, Sickening Strikes, Sow Thought, Spawn Ward, Squeeze, Steal Breath, Stone Shield, Strong Wings, Theft Ward, Toilsome Chant, Touch of Combustion, Truespeak, Undine's Curse, Urban Grace, Veil of Heaven, Village Veil, Vomit Twin, Ward of the Season, Web Bolt, Web Cloud, Whispering Lore, Wind Blades, Windy Escape, Winter Feathers