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Advanced Player's Guide

Estimated Release Date: 8/1/2010
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Alchemist Discoveries [35]

Acid bomb*, Awakened Intellect, Combine extracts, Concentrate poison, Concussive bomb*, Delayed bomb, Dilution, Dispelling bomb, Elixir of life, Enhance potion, Eternal potion, Eternal Youth, Explosive bomb*, Extend potion, Fast bombs, Fast Healing, Feral mutagen, Force bomb*, Frost bomb*, Grand mutagen, Greater mutagen, Inferno bomb*, Infuse mutagen, Infusion, Madness bomb, Philosopher's Stone, Poison bomb*, Poison Touch, Precise bombs, Shock bomb*, Smoke bomb*, Sticky bomb, Sticky poison, Stink bomb*, True Mutagen

Arcane Focused Schools [16]

Admixture, Banishment, Controller, Counterspell, Creation, Enhancement, Foresight, Generation, Life, Manipulator, Phantasm, Scryer, Shadow, Shapechange, Teleportation, Undead

Arcane Schools [4]

Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Archetypes [82]

Acrobat (Rogue), Aquatic Druid (Druid), Arcane Duelist (Bard), Archer (Fighter), Archivist (Bard), Arctic Druid (Druid), Bear Shaman (Druid), Beast Master (Ranger), Blight Druid (Druid), Breaker (Barbarian), Brutal Pugilist (Barbarian), Burglar (Rogue), Cave Druid (Druid), Court Bard (Bard), Crossbowman (Fighter), Cutpurse (Rogue), Desert Druid (Druid), Detective (Bard), Divine Defender (Paladin), Drunken Brute (Barbarian), Drunken Master (Monk), Eagle Shaman (Druid), Elemental Kin (Barbarian), Free Hand Fighter (Fighter), Guide (Ranger), Horse Lord (Ranger), Hospitaler (Paladin), Hungry Ghost Monk (Monk), Hurler (Barbarian), Infiltrator (Ranger), Investigator (Rogue), Invulnerable Rager (Barbarian), Jungle Druid (Druid), Ki Mystic (Monk), Lion Shaman (Druid), Magician (Bard), Mobile Fighter (Fighter), Monk of the Empty Hand (Monk), Monk of the Four Winds (Monk), Monk of the Healing Hand (Monk), Monk of the Lotus (Monk), Monk of the Sacred Mountain (Monk), Mountain Druid (Druid), Mounted Fury (Barbarian), Phalanx Soldier (Fighter), Plains Druid (Druid), Poisoner (Rogue), Polearm Master (Fighter), Rake (Rogue), Roughrider (Fighter), Sacred Servant (Paladin), Sandman (Bard), Savage Barbarian (Barbarian), Savage Skald (Bard), Savage Warrior (Fighter), Scout (Rogue), Sea Singer (Bard), Serpent Shaman (Druid), Shapeshifter (Ranger), Shielded Fighter (Fighter), Shining Knight (Paladin), Skirmisher (Ranger), Sniper (Rogue), Spirit Ranger (Ranger), Spy (Rogue), Street Performer (Bard), Superstitious (Barbarian), Swamp Druid (Druid), Swashbuckler (Rogue), Thug (Rogue), Totem Warrior (Barbarian), Trapsmith (Rogue), Two-Handed Fighter (Fighter), Two-Weapon Warrior (Fighter), Undead Scourge (Paladin), Urban Druid (Druid), Urban Ranger (Ranger), Warrior of the Holy Light (Paladin), Weapon Adept (Monk), Weapon Master (Fighter), Wolf Shaman (Druid), Zen Archer (Monk)

Barbarian Rage Powers [48]

Beast Totem (Su), Beast Totem, Greater (Su), Beast Totem, Lesser (Su), Boasting Taunt (Ex), Brawler, Brawler, Greater, Chaos Totem (Su), Chaos Totem, Greater (Su), Chaos Totem, Lesser (Su), Come and Get Me (Ex), Disruptive, Elemental Rage (Su), Elemental Rage, Greater (Su), Elemental Rage, Lesser (Su), Energy Absorption (Su), Energy Eruption (Su), Energy Resistance (Ex), Energy Resistance, Greater (Ex), Ferocious Mount (Ex), Ferocious Mount, Greater (Ex), Ferocious Trample (Ex), Ferocious Trample, Greater (Ex), Fiend Totem (Su), Fiend Totem, Greater (Su), Fiend Totem, Lesser (Su), Flesh Wound (Ex), Good for What Ails You (Ex), Ground Breaker (Ex), Guarded Life (Ex), Hurling (Ex), Hurling Charge (Ex), Hurling, Greater (Ex), Hurling, Lesser (Ex), Inspire Ferocity (Ex), Knockdown (Ex), Liquid Courage (Ex), Overbearing Advance (Ex), Overbearing Onslaught (Ex), Reckless Abandon (Ex), Roaring Drunk (Ex), Smasher (Ex), Spellbreaker, Spirit Steed (Su), Spirit Totem (Su), Spirit Totem, Greater (Su), Spirit Totem, Lesser (Su), Staggering Drunk (Ex), Witch Hunter (Ex)

Cavalier Orders [6]

Order of the Cockatrice, Order of the Dragon, Order of the Lion, Order of the Shield, Order of the Star, Order of the Sword

Classes [7]

Alchemist, Antipaladin, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Oracle, Summoner, Witch

Eidolon Base Forms [3]

Biped, Quadruped, Serpentine

Eidolon Evolutions [49]

Ability Increase (Ex), Bite (Ex), Blindsense (Ex), Blindsight (Ex), Breath Weapon (Su), Burrow (Ex), Claws (Ex), Climb (Ex), Constrict (Ex), Damage Reduction (Su), Energy Attacks (Su), Fast Healing (Su), Flight (Ex or Su), Frightful Presence (Ex), Gills (Ex), Gore (Ex), Grab (Ex), Immunity (Su), Improved Damage (Ex), Improved Natural Armor (Ex), Large (Ex), Limbs (Ex), Magic Attacks (Su), Mount (Ex), Pincers (Ex), Poison (Ex), Pounce (Ex), Pull (Ex), Push (Ex), Rake (Ex), Reach (Ex), Rend (Ex), Resistance (Ex), Scent (Ex), Skilled (Ex), Slam (Ex), Spell Resistance (Ex), Sting (Ex), Swallow Whole (Ex), Swim (Ex), Tail (Ex), Tail Slap (Ex), Tentacle (Ex), Trample (Ex), Tremorsense (Ex), Trip (Ex), Weapon Training (Ex), Web (Ex), Wing Buffet (Ex)

Equipment (Armor) [7]

Agile breastplate, Agile half-plate, Armored coat, Light steel quickdraw, Light wooden quickdraw, Quilted cloth, Wooden

Equipment (Misc.) [93]

Abacus, Alchemical grease, Alchemical solvent, Alchemist's kindness, Alchemist's kit, Alkali flask, Animal harness, Antiplague, Anvil, Astrolabe, Backpack (masterwork), Balancing pole, Barbed vest, Bear trap, Bellows, Bladeguard, Blanket, Block and tackle, Bloodblock, Buoy (common), Buoy (superior), Butterfly net, Cage (Diminutive or Fine), Cage (Huge), Cage (Large), Cage (Small or Medium), Cage (Tiny), Casting plaster, Cauldron, Chalkboard, Chest (huge), Chest (large), Chest (medium), Chest (small), Cleats, Compass, Dog sled, Drill, Earplugs, Flash powder, Footprint book, Fortune-teller's deck (common), Fortune-teller's deck (masterwork), Fortune-teller's deck (quality), Furs, Hot weather outfit, Hourglass (1 hour), Hourglass (1 minute), Hourglass (6 seconds), Iron spike, Leeching kit, Light detector, Liquid ice, Loaded dice (average), Loaded dice (superior), Magnet, Mapmaker’s kit, Marbles, Marked cards, Nushadir, Paper (sheet), Periscope, Poison pill ring, Portable alchemist's lab, Portrait book, Powder, Rice paper (sheet), Saw, Scroll case, Sextant, Signal horn, Smelling salts, Smoke pellet, Smoked goggles, Sneezing powder, Snowshoes, Soothe syrup, Spider's silk rope (50 ft.), String or twine (50 ft.), Swarmsuit, Symptom kit, Tattoo, Tent (large), Tent (medium), Tent (pavilion), Tent (small), Traveling spellbook, Weapon blanch (adamantine), Weapon blanch (cold iron), Weapon blanch (silver), Weapon cord, Whistle (signal), Whistle (silent)

Equipment (Weapons) [26]

Bardiche, Battle aspergillum, Bayonet, Bec de corbin, Bill, Blunt arrows (20), Boar spear, Boomerang, Brass knuckles, Cestus, Chain spear, Chakram, Double crossbow, Falcata, Flight arrows (20), Glaive-guisarme, Khopesh, Lasso, Lucerne hammer, Mancatcher, Pilum, Smoke arrow, Sword cane, Swordbreaker dagger, Temple sword, Wooden stake

Feats [166]

Additional Traits, Allied Spellcaster, Arcane Blast, Arcane Shield, Arcane Talent, Aspect of the Beast, Bashing Finish, Blood of Heroes, Bloody Assault, Bodyguard, Bouncing Spell, Breadth of Experience, Bull Rush Strike, Charge Through, Childlike, Cloud Step, Cockatrice Strike, Combat Patrol, Cooperative Crafting, Coordinated Defense, Coordinated Maneuvers, Cosmopolitan, Covering Defense, Crippling Critical, Crossbow Mastery, Dastardly Finish, Dazing Assault, Dazing Spell, Deep Drinker, Deepsight, Disarming Strike, Disrupting Shot, Disruptive Spell, Diviner's Delving, Dreadful Carnage, Duck and Cover, Eagle Eyes, Eclectic, Ectoplasmic Spell, Eldritch Claws, Elemental Fist, Elemental Focus, Elemental Spell, Elven Accuracy, Enforcer, Expanded Arcana, Extra Bombs, Extra Discovery, Extra Hex, Extra Rage Power, Extra Revelation, Extra Rogue Talent, Fast Drinker, Fast Healer, Favored Defense, Fight On, Focused Shot, Focused Spell, Following Step, Furious Focus, Gang Up, Gnome Trickster, Go Unnoticed, Greater Blind-Fight, Greater Dirty Trick, Greater Drag, Greater Elemental Focus, Greater Reposition, Greater Shield Specialization, Greater Steal, Groundling, Heroic Defiance, Heroic Recovery, Hero's Fortune, Improved Blind-Fight, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Drag, Improved Ki Throw, Improved Reposition, Improved Second Chance, Improved Share Spells, Improved Sidestep, Improved Steal, Improved Stonecunning, In Harm's Way, Intensified Spell, Ironguts, Ironhide, Keen Scent, Ki Throw, Leaf Singer, Light Step, Lingering Performance, Lingering Spell, Lookout, Low Profile, Luck of Heroes, Lucky Halfling, Major Spell Expertise, Master Alchemist, Merciful Spell, Minor Spell Expertise, Missile Shield, Mounted Shield, Mounted Skirmisher, Outflank, Paired Opportunists, Parry Spell, Parting Shot, Pass For Human, Perfect Strike, Persistent Spell, Point-Blank Master, Practiced Tactician, Precise Strike, Preferred Spell, Punishing Kick, Pushing Assault, Racial Heritage, Raging Vitality, Ray Shield, Razortusk, Reach Spell, Rending Claws, Repositioning Strike, Saving Shield, Second Chance, Selective Spell, Shadow Strike, Shared Insight, Sharp Senses, Shield of Swings, Shield Specialization, Shield Wall, Shielded Caster, Sickening Spell, Sidestep, Smash, Smell Fear, Sociable, Spell Perfection, Spider Step, Stabbing Shot, Steel Soul, Step Up and Strike, Stone Sense, Stone Singer, Stone-Faced, Stunning Assault, Summoner's Call, Sundering Strike, Swap Places, Swift Aid, Taunt, Team Up, Teleport Tactician, Tenacious Transmutation, Thundering Spell, Touch of Serenity, Trick Riding, Tripping Strike, Under and Over, Underfoot, Vermin Heart, War Singer, Well-Prepared

Magic Items (Armor) [23]

Armor of Insults, Battlement Shield, Boneless Leather, Buccaneer's Breastplate, Champion, Dastard, Daystar Half-Plate, Determination, Folding Plate, Forsaken Banded Mail, Fortress Shield, Giant-Hide Armor (cloud giant), Giant-Hide Armor (hill giant), Giant-Hide Armor (ogre), Giant-Hide Armor (stone, fire, or frost giant), Giant-Hide Armor (storm giant), Giant-Hide Armor (troll), Jousting, Mistmail, Murderer's Blackcloth, Righteous, Soothsayer's Raiment, Unrighteous

Magic Items (Artifacts) [11]

Beacon of True Faith, Bottle of the Bound, Cloud Castle of the Storm King, Fork of the Forgotten One, Hammer of Thunderbolts, Knucklebone of Fickle Fortune, Perfect Golden Lute, Spindle of Perfect Knowledge, Talisman of Reluctant Wishes, The Moaning Diamond, The Shield of the Sun

Magic Items (Cursed Items) [12]

Buffoon's Sword, Cannibal Ring, Cloak of Immolation, Crown of Blindness, Girdle of Opposite Gender, Gravesoul Armor, Hat of Hatreds, One-Way Window, Planar Invasion Shield, Ring of Truth, Riot Pipes, Rod of Arson

Magic Items (Rings) [19]

Ring of Delayed Doom (1 stone), Ring of Delayed Doom (2 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (3 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (4 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (5 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (6 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (7 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (8 stones), Ring of Delayed Doom (9 stones), Ring of Revelation (greater), Dungeon Ring (jailer's), Ring of Revelation (lesser), Dungeon Ring (prisoner's), Ring of Arcane Signets, Ring of Forcefangs, Ring of Heroes, Ring of Maniacal Devices, Ring of Retribution, Ring of Revelation (superior)

Magic Items (Rods) [42]

Rod of Metamagic, Bouncing (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Dazing (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Disruptive (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Ectoplasmic (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Elemental (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Focused (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Intensified (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Lingering (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Merciful (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Persistent (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Reach (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Selective (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Sickening (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Thundering (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Thundering (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Sickening (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Selective (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Reach (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Persistent (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Merciful (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Lingering (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Intensified (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Focused (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Elemental (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Ectoplasmic (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Disruptive (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Dazing (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Bouncing (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Bouncing (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Dazing (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Disruptive (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Ectoplasmic (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Elemental (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Focused (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Intensified (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Lingering (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Merciful (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Persistent (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Reach (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Selective (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Sickening (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Thundering (normal)

Magic Items (Staves) [18]

Staff of Bolstering, Staff of Cackling Wrath, Staff of Fortune, Staff of Hoarding, Staff of Journeys, Staff of Many Rays, Staff of Obstacles, Staff of Performance, Staff of Revelations, Staff of Rigor, Staff of Shrieking, Staff of Slumber, Staff of Souls, Staff of Stealth, Staff of Toxins, Staff of Traps, Staff of Vision, Staff of Weather

Magic Items (Weapons) [29]

Allying, Beaststrike Club, Blade of Binding, Boulderhead Mace, Conductive, Corrosive, Corrosive Burst, Cunning, Dueling, Dustburst Bullet, Furious, Grayflame, Guarding Blade, Hero's Blade, Huntsman, Jurist, Lance of Jousting, Menacing, Reaver's Scythe, Ricochet Hammer, Searing Arrow, Shieldsplitter Lance, Sizzling Arrow, Sparkwake Starknife, Spirit Blade, Tangle Bolt, Transformative, Trident of Stability, Undercutting Axe

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [63]

All Tools Vest, Amulet of Magecraft, Amulet of Spell Cunning, Annihilation Spectacles, Apple of Eternal Sleep, Assisting Gloves, Bandages of Rapid Recovery, Knight's Pennon (Battle), Book of the Loremaster, Boots of Friendly Terrain, Bottle of Messages, Bracelet of Mercy, Campfire Bead, Catching Cape, Cauldron of Brewing, Cauldron of Flying, Cauldron of Plenty, Cauldron of Resurrection, Cauldron of Seeing, Cauldron of the Dead, Clamor Box, Construct Channel Brick, Cowardly Crouching Cloak, Lord's Banner (Crusades), Crystal of Healing Hands, Defoliant Polish, Doomharp, Dust of Emulation, Elixir of Luck, Flying Ointment, Gloves of Dueling, Glowing Glove, Grappler's Mask, Helm of Fearsome Mien, Knight's Pennon (Honor), Horn of Antagonism, Horn of the Huntmaster, Ioun Torch, Key of Lock Jamming, Ki Mat, Manacles of Cooperation, Mask of Giants (Greater), Mask of Giants (Lesser), Moon Circlet, Muleback Cords, Necklace of Ki Serenity, Necromancer's Athame, Knight's Pennon (Parley), Philter of Love, Robe of Arcane Heritage, Sash of the War Champion, Scabbard of Stanching, Scabbard of Vigor, Sheath of Bladestealth, Silver Smite Bracelet, Sniper Goggles, Soul Soap, Lord's Banner (Swiftness), Lord's Banner (Terror), Torc of Lionheart Fury, Vest of the Cockroach, Lord's Banner (Victory), War Paint of the Terrible Visage

Oracle Curses [6]

Clouded Vision, Deaf, Haunted, Lame, Tongues, Wasting

Oracle Mysteries [10]

Battle, Bones, Flame, Heavens, Life, Lore, Nature, Stone, Waves, Wind

Prestige Classes [8]

Battle Herald, Holy Vindicator, Horizon Walker, Master Chymist, Master Spy, Nature Warden, Rage Prophet, Stalwart Defender

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [61]

Dwarf - Barbarian, Dwarf - Cleric, Dwarf - Fighter, Dwarf - Oracle, Dwarf - Paladin, Dwarf - Ranger, Dwarf - Rogue, Elf - Barbarian, Elf - Bard, Elf - Cavalier, Elf - Fighter, Elf - Ranger, Elf - Sorcerer, Elf - Wizard, Gnome - Alchemist, Gnome - Bard, Gnome - Druid, Gnome - Oracle, Gnome - Ranger, Gnome - Rogue, Gnome - Summoner, Gnome - Wizard, Half-Elf - Bard, Half-Elf - Druid, Half-Elf - Fighter, Half-Elf - Ranger, Half-Elf - Rogue, Half-Elf - Summoner, Half-Elf - Witch, Halfling - Bard, Halfling - Cleric, Halfling - Fighter, Halfling - Monk, Halfling - Paladin, Halfling - Ranger, Halfling - Rogue, Halfling - Summoner, Half-Orc - Alchemist, Half-Orc - Barbarian, Half-Orc - Fighter, Half-Orc - Inquisitor, Half-Orc - Ranger, Half-Orc - Sorcerer, Half-Orc - Witch, Human - Alchemist, Human - Barbarian, Human - Bard, Human - Cavalier, Human - Cleric, Human - Druid, Human - Fighter, Human - Inquisitor, Human - Monk, Human - Oracle, Human - Paladin, Human - Ranger, Human - Rogue, Human - Sorcerer, Human - Summoner, Human - Witch, Human - Wizard

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [50]

Gnome - Academician, Half-Elf - Ancestral Arms, Dwarf - Ancient Enmity, Half-Elf - Arcane Training, Half-Orc - Beastmaster, Half-Orc - Bestial, Half-Orc - Cavewight, Half-Orc - Chain Fighter, Dwarf - Craftsman, Halfling - Craven, Dwarf - Deep Warrior, Elf - Desert Runner, Elf - Dreamspeaker, Half-Elf - Dual Minded, Elf - Eternal Grudge, Gnome - Eternal Hope, Human - Eye for Talent, Half-Orc - Gatecrasher, Gnome - Gift of Tongues, Human - Heart of the Fields, Human - Heart of the Streets, Human - Heart of the Wilderness, Half-Elf - Integrated, Elf - Lightbringer, Dwarf - Lorekeeper, Halfling - Low Blow, Dwarf - Magic Resistant, Gnome - Magical Linguist, Gnome - Master Tinker, Halfling - Outrider, Half-Orc - Plagueborn, Halfling - Practicality, Gnome - Pyromaniac, Dwarf - Relentless, Half-Orc - Rock Climber, Half-Orc - Sacred Tattoo, Half-Orc - Scavenger, Elf - Silent Hunter, Half-Elf - Sociable, Elf - Spirit of the Waters, Dwarf - Stonesinger, Dwarf - Stubborn, Halfling - Swift as Shadows, Half-Orc - Toothy, Halfling - Underfoot, Halfling - Wanderlust, Gnome - Warden of Nature, Halfling - Warslinger, Half-Elf - Water Child, Elf - Woodcraft

Rogue Talents [42]

Another Day (Ex), Assault Leader (Ex), Befuddling Strike (Ex), Camouflage (Ex), Canny Observer (Ex), Charmer (Ex), Coax Information (Ex), Combat Swipe, Cunning Trigger (Ex), Deadly Cocktail (Ex), Deadly Sneak (Ex), Distracting Attack (Ex), Entanglement of Blades (Ex), Expert Leaper (Ex), Fast Fingers (Ex), Fast Getaway (Ex), Fast Picks (Ex), Fast Tumble (Ex), Follow Clues (Ex), Frugal Trapsmith (Ex), Guileful Polyglot (Ex), Hard to Fool (Ex), Honeyed Words (Ex), Hunter’s Surprise (Ex), Knock-Out Blow (Ex), Lasting Poison (Ex), Master of Disguise (Ex), Nimble Climber (Ex), Offensive Defense (Ex), Peerless Maneuver (Ex), Positioning Attack (Ex), Powerful Sneak (Ex), Quick Disguise (Ex), Quick Trapsmith (Ex), Redirect Attack (Ex), Snap Shot (Ex), Sniper’s Eye (Ex), Stealthy Sniper (Ex), Strong Impression, Survivalist, Swift Poison (Ex), Thoughtful Reexamining (Ex)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [10]

Aquatic, Boreal, Deep Earth, Dreamspun, Protean, Serpentine, Shadow, Starsoul, Stormborn, Verdant

Spells [267]

Absorbing Touch, Accelerate Poison, Acid Pit, Alchemical Allocation, Allfood, Alter Winds, Amplify Elixir, Ant Haul, Aqueous Orb, Arcane Concordance, Arrow Eruption, Aspect of the Bear, Aspect of the Falcon, Aspect of the Stag, Aspect of the Wolf, Aura of Greater Courage, Ball Lightning, Banish Seeming, Bard's Escape, Beguiling Gift, Bestow Grace, Blaze of Glory, Blessing of Courage and Life, Blessing of Fervor, Blessing of the Salamander, Blood Biography, Bloodhound, Bloody Claws, Bomber's Eye, Borrow Fortune, Borrow Skill, Bow Spirit, Brand, Brand, Greater, Break, Brilliant Inspiration, Bristle, Burning Gaze, Burst Bonds, Cacophonous Call, Cacophonous Call, Mass, Calcific Touch, Call Animal, Campfire Wall, Cast Out, Castigate, Castigate, Mass, Challenge Evil, Chameleon Stride, Clashing Rocks, Cleanse, Cloak of Dreams, Cloak of Shade, Cloak of Winds, Confess, Contagious Flame, Coordinated Effort, Corruption Resistance, Coward's Lament, Crafter's Curse, Crafter's Fortune, Create Pit, Create Treasure Map, Cup of Dust, Dancing Lantern, Deadly Finale, Deafening Song Bolt, Defile Armor, Deflection, Delayed Consumption, Denounce, Detect Aberration, Detonate, Devolution, Discordant Blast, Divine Transfer, Divine Vessel, Draconic Reservoir, Dragon's Breath, Dust of Twilight, Eagle Eye, Elemental Aura, Elemental Speech, Elemental Touch, Elude Time, Enemy Hammer, Enter Image, Euphoric Tranquility, Evolution Surge, Evolution Surge, Greater, Evolution Surge, Lesser, Expeditious Excavation, Expend, Feast of Ashes, Feather Step, Feather Step, Mass, Fester, Fester, Mass, Fiery Body, Fire Breath, Fire of Entanglement, Fire of Judgment, Fire of Vengeance, Fire Snake, Firebrand, Firefall, Flames of the Faithful, Flare Burst, Fluid Form, Fly, Mass, Foe to Friend, Follow Aura, Fool's Forbiddance, Forced Repentance, Frozen Note, Gallant Inspiration, Getaway, Geyser, Ghostbane Dirge, Ghostbane Dirge, Mass, Glide, Grace, Gravity Bow, Grove of Respite, Guiding Star, Heroic Finale, Heroic Fortune, Heroic Fortune, Mass, Hero's Defiance, Hidden Speech, Hide Campsite, Holy Whisper, Honeyed Tongue, Hungry Pit, Hunter's Eye, Hunter's Howl, Hydraulic Push, Hydraulic Torrent, Ill Omen, Innocence, Instant Armor, Instant Enemy, Invigorate, Invigorate, Mass, Jester's Jaunt, Keen Senses, King's Castle, Knight's Calling, Lead Blades, Life Bubble, Light Lance, Lily Pad Stride, Lockjaw, Malediction (Hero Points), Marks Of Forbiddance, Mask Dweomer, Memory Lapse, Moonstruck, Nap Stack, Natural Rhythm, Nature's Exile, Negate Aroma, Oath of Peace, Oracle's Burden, Pain Strike, Pain Strike, Mass, Paladin's Sacrifice, Perceive Cues, Phantasmal Revenge, Phantasmal Web, Pied Piping, Pillar of Life, Planar Adaptation, Planar Adaptation, Mass, Pox Pustules, Protective Spirit, Purging Finale, Purified Calling, Putrefy Food and Drink, Rally Point, Rampart, Rebuke, Rejuvenate Eidolon, Rejuvenate Eidolon, Greater, Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser, Residual Tracking, Resounding Blow, Rest Eternal, Restful Sleep, Resurgent Transformation, Retribution, Reviving Finale, Righteous Vigor, River of Wind, Sacred Bond, Sacrificial Oath, Saddle Surge, Sanctify Armor, Saving Finale, Scent Trail, Screech, Sculpt Corpse, Seamantle, Seek Thoughts, Severed Fate, Shadow Projection, Share Language, Share Senses, Shared Wrath, Shifting Sand, Sift, Sirocco, Sleepwalk, Slipstream, Snake Staff, Solid Note, Spark, Spiked Pit, Spiritual Ally, Spite, Stay the Hand, Stone Call, Stone Fist, Stormbolts, Strong Jaw, Stumble Gap, Stunning Finale, Suffocation, Suffocation, Mass, Summon Eidolon, Swarm Skin, Thorn Body, Threefold Aspect, Thundering Drums, Timely Inspiration, Tireless Pursuers, Tireless Pursuit, Touch of Gracelessness, Touch of the Sea, Transmogrify, Transmute Potion to Poison, Treasure Stitching, True Form, Tsunami, Twilight Knife, Twin Form, Unfetter, Universal Formula, Unravel Destiny, Unwilling Shield, Unwitting Ally, Vanish, Veil of Positive Energy, Venomous Bolt, Versatile Weapon, Vomit Swarm, Vortex, Wake of Light, Wall of Lava, Wall of Suppression, Wandering Star Motes, Ward the Faithful, Weapon of Awe, Winds of Vengeance, World Wave, Wrath, Wrathful Mantle

Subdomains [70]

Agathion, Ancestors, Arcane, Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Ash, Azata (Chaos), Azata (Good), Blood, Catastrophe, Caves, Cloud, Construct, Curse, Daemon, Day, Decay, Deception, Defense, Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Devil (Evil), Devil (Law), Divine, Exploration, Family, Fate, Feather, Ferocity, Freedom, Fur, Growth, Heroism, Home, Honor, Ice, Inevitable, Insanity, Language, Leadership, Light, Loss, Love, Lust, Martyr, Memory, Metal, Murder, Night, Nightmare, Oceans, Protean, Purity, Rage, Resolve, Restoration, Resurrection, Revolution, Seasons, Smoke, Souls, Storms, Tactics, Thievery, Thought, Toil, Trade, Undead, Wards, Wind

Traits [79]

Adopted, Anatomist, Animal Friend, Armor Expert, Asmodean Demon Hunter, Birthmark, Black Sheep, Brute, Bullied, Bully, Calistrian Courtesan, Canter, Caretaker, Charming, Child of Nature, Child of the Streets, Child of the Temple, Classically Schooled, Courageous, Dangerously Curious, Deft Dodger, Desert Child, Devotee of the Green, Dirty Fighter, Divine Warrior, Ear for Music, Ease of Faith, Elven Reflexes, Eyes and Ears of the City, Failed Apprentice, Fast Talker, Favored Son/Daughter, Fencer, Flame of the Dawnflower, Focused Mind, Forlorn, Fortified Drinker, Freedom Fighter (Halfling), Gifted Adept, Goldsniffer, Guardian of the Forge, Hedge Magician, Highlander, History of Heresy, Indomitable Faith, Killer, Log Roller, Magic Is Life, Magical Knack, Magical Lineage, Magical Talent, Mathematical Prodigy, Militia Veteran, Natural-Born Leader, Outcast, Outlander, Patient Optimist, Poverty-Stricken, Rapscallion, Reactionary, Resilient, Rich Parents, River Rat, Sacred Conduit, Sacred Touch, Savanna Child, Scholar of Ruins, Scholar of the Great Beyond, Skeptic, Starchild, Suspicious, Tunnel Fighter, Undead Slayer (Pharasma), Vagabond Child, Veteran of Battle, Warrior of Old, Well-Informed, Wisdom in the Flesh, World Traveler

Traps [1]

Bear Trap

Witch Hexes [27]

Agony (Su), Blight (Su), Cackle (Su), Cauldron (Ex), Charm (Su), Coven (Ex), Death Curse (Su), Disguise (Sp), Eternal Slumber (Su), Evil Eye (Su), Flight (Su), Forced Reincarnation (Su), Fortune (Su), Hag's Eye (Su), Healing (Su), Life Giver (Su), Major Healing (Su), Misfortune (Su), Natural Disaster (Su), Nightmares (Su), Retribution (Su), Slumber (Su), Tongues (Su), Vision (Su), Ward (Su), Waxen Image (Su), Weather Control (Su)

Witch Patrons [12]

Agility, Animals, Deception, Elements, Endurance, Plague, Shadow, Strength, Transformation, Trickery, Water, Wisdom